HHDBA Planning 4 Growth

GrowthA sound business plan improves success and minimises failure

How much time do you really spend on business planning to make sure your company is heading in the right direction and maximises profits? The answer is often “not a lot”. You know it is important and that you must do it, but you never seem to have the time, or the headspace to do it. This is the time to change that and to take the future of your business in your own hands.

4 good reasons to attend

  • The programme is developed and delivered by an experienced Managing Director who is also a Tutorial Fellow of the Business and Management School of the University of Sussex.
  • It introduces best practise business models.
  • The programme will enhance your understanding of business planning, which will assist you in dealing with future challenges your business inevitably will face.
  • It improves your return on investment, chance of success and reduces failure.

4 Seminars to choose from

The programme consists of four short seminars covering the following topics:

Seminar 1: Knowing your customers and competitors and strengths & weaknesses of your own business.

Seminar 2: Developing a strategy to achieve your goals.

Seminar 3: Developing a practical plan of action covering all key disciplines including innovation, sales & marketing, HR and finance.

Seminar 4: Making sure you stay on track in implementing your plan.

4 sole traders and directors of limited companies

The programme is relevant for businesses from any industry where confidence has returned or is returning, and who want to grow profitability ensuring their investment in time and money has a high degree of success.

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