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Red Shoe People Limited

Contact: Michael Lewis
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At Red Shoe People, we are passionate about people and their ability to surprise and perform to exceptional levels. We will work with your business to identify innovative people solutions to meet your organisational needs and to engage your team in the values and goals of your business. A business is as good as the one person serving one customer at one moment in time! It is the passion and engagement of your people that will make and sell your business!

So where do the “Red Shoes” come from? We don’t sell shoes – but we can help give you and your team the confidence that you feel when putting on a new pair of shoes! When we behave differently, either personally or professionally, it is like wearing new shoes and it takes a while to feel comfortable in them, just as any new behaviour takes a while to become embedded and second nature. At Red Shoe People, we aim to connect individuals to the excitement of doing something differently for the first time by making lasting and sustainable changes to behaviour. Our solutions are exciting, memorable, engaging and fun! Just like that new pair of shoes!

Over the past twelve months Red Shoe People have successfully delivered training interventions that have resulted in 600 memorable days for individuals. The feedback has included: “Great trainer with fantastic attitude and experience!” “The trainer did an excellent job in leading the team and allowing them to focus on areas that were important to them” “Best training ever! Well done!!!”

The Team at Red Shoe People are professionally qualified with experience in developing sales and customer service solutions in industries as diverse as hospitality, publishing, retail, manufacturing and not-for-profit organisations. Red Shoe People Limited can work with businesses to identify the right match of attitudes, standards and behaviours needed to align with the direction of the organisation. Through resourcing, training, development, assessment and team building events – we have the right solutions for your business!