Making tax easier, quicker and simpler

As part of the 2014 Autumn Statement, HMRC has published a new online document, Supporting Small Business: Making tax easier, quicker and simpler which you can access here:   

The document highlights a range of innovative new digital tools and services, which, for example, make support and guidance more accessible and user-friendly, and help small businesses get the best out of the tax system (in terms of access to reliefs and special schemes).

Overall, the document demonstrates the Government’s commitment to delivering practical measures that make the tax system easier, quicker and simpler for small businesses. It signals too that there’s more to come – for example, starting next year there’ll be a new online service for all small businesses, integrating all that they need to know and do to deal with their taxes. There will be important policy measures, such as the Employment Allowance, kicking in too which will make a real difference to many small businesses.