GrowAre You Serious about Growing Your Business?

The road to growing a business is littered with challenges and has many questions to which answers need to be found.

To help you find answers and develop a plan which has a better chance of success the HHDBA has developed the Business Planning 4 Growth programme.

  • The Business Planning 4 Growth Programme

This consists of 4 workshops delivered over 4 weeks. During the first half of each workshop best practise business models will be introduced and during the second half you will apply them to your business. At the end of the programme you will have a business plan ready for implementation.

Research confirms that those businesses who develop a business plan are significantly more successful than those that don’t.

The Business Planning 4 Growth programme will be delivered by René Moolenaar, Managing Director of Prism Group and Tutorial Fellow at the Business, Management and Economics School of the University of Sussex.

The HHDBA Will Help You and Your Business Grow

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