Video Archive

Here are some of the videos of our members and events:

Highlights from the Annual General Meeting, November 2014  The HHDBA Welcome Meeting at St Peter St James Hospice 2nd Oct 2014
Some pictures and feedback from members of HHDBA .  Maureen Scholefield and Carolyn Robinson at the Election Of Officers Meeting, 2014.
Adrian Corbin, Nick Handley, Carolyn Bentley, Tim Rylatt and Samatha Payne talk about the HHDBA Conference 2014 Jason Dilworth, Fiona Mulliner, Rick Warley, Sue Berry and Neil Tomlinson talk about the HHDBA Conference 2014
Rt. Hon. Nicholas Soames, MP, opens the HHDBA Conference, March 2014 Jason Dilworth at the HHDBA Conference – How Much Marketing Is Enough?
Maureen Scholefield at the 2013 AGM Maureen Scholefield at Open4Business 2013
HHDBA at Haywards Heath Town Day Maureen Scholefield and Philip Williamson
Paul Johnson & Wendy Langley Maureen Scholefield
Tim French  Neil Thomlinson
 Sharon Scott  John Berry