Haywards Heath Transport Study: What would you do?

There’s a formal consultation next week on a Haywards Heath Transport Study and HHDBA has been asked for input. Committee member Neil Tomlinson is attending on behalf of the Association and the question for you as a HHDBA member is: –

If you had the money to improve Haywards Heath Town Centre for shoppers, traffic, cyclists and pedestrians to make visiting, shopping and living in the town a better experience, what would you do?

There’s a free format feedback form and please take this chance to give any ideas before someone else has their agenda implemented without your input.  You might want to consider one or all of the following, but there’s no need to over think any aspect. Any feedback is better than none at all: –

Geographical Areas
Station Quarter-Perrymount Road
The Broadway/Muster Green
South Road-Sussex Road
Wider road network in the town
Strategic Themes
Walking & cycling
Public transport (bus, rail, taxi)
Parking & deliveries
Vehicles & traffic
Design and look of streets
Space for ‘town events’

You have this one chance to give your views – please take this opportunity and give Neil your feedback today!

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