CommunicateCommunicating our Members, our Economy and our Community

As a member you can:

  • Promote your business to new customers at our meetings
  • Showcase your business through our online directory and website
  • Publicise your business successes through the HHDBA newsletter

The Role of the Communicate Group is to:

  • Promote member companies in the press/social media
  • Promote the Association, its aims, work and results in the press/social media
  • Promote a ‘community’ spirit by working with our partners
  • Promote our retail offer to the wider community
  • Promoting the local skills and resources to larger companies
  • Assist in attracting new investment into the area
  • Liaise with the town, district and regional authorities to promote our economy

The More You Promote Your Business – The More Your Business Will Grow

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