As we approach the final business quarter of the calendar year, this is the ideal time to think about your recruitment options.

Here at Ten2Two, we provide flexible professionals who can hit the ground running to help you march successfully into this busy period. These employees provide excellent quality, often at less than the price of a full-time permanent member of staff. Ignore reports of a talent squeeze. By offering a little bit of flexibility, you can find the professionals you’re looking for. Talk to us today. We’d be happy to hear about your requirements and see if we can match your recruitment needs.

TTT!(Time to think!)

  • Are you on track to achieve your business targets?
  • Do you need additional resources to help you do this?
  • Could flexible workers be a way to find the skills you need at less
  • of an initial outlay?
  • Have you considered how long the recruitment process takes?

If you are thinking about bolstering your workforce this quarter, bear in mind the dreaded notice period. If someone has to give three months’ notice, they won’t be able to start with you until January.

Ready to consider your recruitment options? Get in touch with Ten2Two today to find professional, flexible candidates for your business. They could be just what you need to make this the best business quarter yet.

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