Bluedotaug is celebrating the success of their application for grant funding from the first Open Competition with Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency. The competition, now in its third round, is open to early startups as well as more established organisations, perfect for Bluedotaug who registered with Companies House at the end of May.

CTO, Sean Burton, says “We need to make technology simple and by visualising complex sustainability data in immersive technology we’re creating a new way to address the challenges we face locally and globally. Our initial focus is noise impacts and through our platform we are enabling non-technical people to connect with information that is often provided in dense reports. We’re simplifying data without dumbing it down.”

The process required applicants to relate their proposal to the Innovate UK Horizons Toolkit which presents a range of megatrends, issues, risks and opportunities. Bluedotaug has been designed from the ground up to tackle sustainability issues which enabled CEO, Sandra Norval, to pick out key aspects easily to demonstrate how the platform will contribute to key government strategic aims. She says “Responsibility is written into our ethos, it’s in our name, our vision and our values, so it was natural for us to connect with the direction the government is taking. We took inspiration from the famous Carl Sagan address in which he refers to our planet as a pale blue dot and the need to take better care of our home and everything living on it. The platform we are building contributes to that and we’ve been talking to lots of organisations keen to see it in action.”

The project is designed to build over six months with rigorous testing with acousticians to ensure the integrity of data is maintained to make it the ‘go to’ platform for the construction, infrastructure, planning and transport sectors.

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