Nick Carter, Founder and CEO of Home Guarantee have partnered with the award-winning consultancy, Business Pulse, to extend their services across the UK.

What Is Our Rent Guarantor Service?

Home Guarantee provide a simple and easy way for students to secure their accommodation without the need for large advance rent payments. It is normal in the UK for students to be asked to provide a Guarantor when renting, and without this they will often be asked to pay between 6-9 months’ rent in advance. This is particularly prevalent for International students coming to the UK.  Home Guarantee remove the need for this, by acting as Guarantor for those students. Our service is very much regarded as a real benefit to Parents, who are normally the first point of call to stand as Guarantor, as we remove the legal obligation that would be placed on them.

International and UK Students

As your Rent Guarantor we will take responsibility for covering your monthly rent, on your flat or shared house, should anything happen that prevents you from being able to pay your landlord. We can also offer you the option to protect yourself again any damages to your property, that your landlord expects you to cover. Our service has been designed with students for students.

Private Landlords and Letting Agents

Student accommodation is both valuable and in high demand, and we recognise the role that Private Landlords and Letting Agents have to play in meeting this need. We work closely with both to ensure the process of approving a Student tenancy is as smooth as possible, and once completed we issue a Rent Guarantor Certificate directly to you, providing full cover and peace of mind. By working with Home Guarantee, you will have the confidence of knowing that your Rent is covered in the event that you ever need to call on us.


We work in partnership with Universities to provide a Guarantor service that will meet the needs of all Students. We administer every aspect of the Guarantor process internally and allocate a Student Care Partner to each student we work with. This ensures that your students are fully supported through the short process of securing their Guarantor certificate and once they have moved in. We work with all Student Union Lettings Teams and International Departments to enable us to help every Student who needs a Guarantor.

The rent guarantor service, which is designed specifically for students and their landlords, will work closely with Business Pulse founder, Nasser Elaheebocus. Together, they intend to expand Home Guarantee beyond the South of England and serve students across the country’s 130 further education institutions.

“Home Guarantee provide a very clear and valuable service for students who are often looking to rent for the first time,” said Nass… “I’m delighted to be working with them to build a national support network that puts the customer first and makes sure students get the accommodation they want, when they want.”

Nick Carter, CEO of Home Guarantee added: “Nass is renowned in this part of England for first-class consultancy. His support will be invaluable in the months to come and we are thrilled that he has agreed to support and guide us as we take our business to the next level.”

Anndrea O’Toole, Sales & Partnership Manager at the University of Sussex Students Union goes on to say… ‘We have recently started working with Home Guarantee Ltd.  To date I have been impressed with the commitment and attention to detail Nick and team have shown in their dealings with Sussex Students’ Union, and their quest to be the best student home guarantor service in the market, we are looking Forward to developing our partnership with them’

Visit or contact Nick Carter at or + 44 (0) 12 7302 0312