When was the last time you reviewed your business plan?

When you run your own business, there are so many things to tend to, yet so many hours in the day.
Everyday tasks, unplanned activities, last minute opportunities often take priority as they simply have to be dealt with.
And because of all this, actual sales and income most likely vary from what you originally planned.
What does this mean for your business? Good news? Bad news?
What actions do you need to take to get back on track or expand to accommodate increased demand?

These questions need time to answer, precious, uninterrupted time.
Another week goes by and you tell yourself ‘I ought to carve some time to review the business, but when though?’

That’s when I can help you. With over 20 years experience in marketing, some of them in small businesses, I have regularly built and reviewed strategic plans, and done the required preliminary analysis.
This includes analysing your customer base, your sales and revenue, the market you operate in, with its opportunities and threats, and the current strengths and weaknesses of your business.
From this robust review I can derive estimates for future income, highlight new potential and flag upcoming risks.

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