World Cup mania is fast approaching.

Will you be glued to it? Will the excitement of watching or listening to it be good or bad for your wellbeing? Will you be a world cup widow/widower?

How will any of the above affect your sense of wellbeing?

Reflexology can improve your sense of well-being through experiencing deep relaxation, increase in blood flow and the release of toxins, bringing your body systems into balance. When you are truly relaxed your body can begin to heal itself, whether that is physical or emotional!

With Reflexology you may weather the storms of the World Cup whoever you do or don’t support, so that you can enjoy the ‘Final’ in July whoever gets there.

Please see my website for more information or call me on 07901976126.

I am also running Reflexology Workshops in July, August & September. Please see my website to see if any of the workshops would be of interest.

Happy World Cup!

Sue Chappell, MAR (Reflexologist)