Spring finally seems on its way.

The sun is getting warmer, the clocks moved forward, and Easter eggs and bunnies are everywhere!

Whilst 1 January marks the start of our calendar year, in many ways we are embarking on a new cycle now.

Be it the seasons, the resurrection celebrations for those of Christian faith, or closer to the business world the  tax year, we’re onto a new start.

There’s no better time to bring a fresh perspective on how you interact with your customers, be they the loyal ones or the prospects you’re trying to convert.

With over 20 years of marketing and communications experience across a wide range of businesses and organisations, I can help you review your marketing activity and communications plan for the year ahead. If you have no such thing yet, no problem, we can build one together.

I can also help you with market research, customer profiling, strategy and evaluation.

Don’t take my word for it though, visit my LinkedIn page and read the recommendations from people whom I worked with over the past few years.


Interested? Drop me a line, sylvie37.barr@gmail.com and I will offer HHBA members a free hour consultation.

Until then, to new beginnings!