Now you might think that this subject is slightly ‘ off’ from health and fitness, but let me tell you that it isn’t.

Being able to speak, sing or use your voice in any way is not possible if you lack confidence, self-esteem, and self-belief.

My years of experience in this industry has shown me time and time again if you lack any of the above then you are more likely to be struggling with your health.

Lack of confidence may hold you back from taking part in an exercise class or joining a gym as you might feel uncomfortable that you won’t be able to keep up or you’re worried that you’ll make a fool of yourself.

Not having the self-belief to be able to speak up and let your real feelings known may mean that you struggle with being able to say ‘ no’ to things and you comply as it’s much easier that way.  That leads you to frustration and overwhelm.

Finding your voice, be it through singing or any other way is a great way to improve all three of these things as Sally will tell you in her speech.

This month’s talk is entitled:

“Yes, you CAN sing and why you must!”

Understand the value of singing in your life, overcome mental and emotional blocks around using your voice and, oh go on then, let’s have a warble!

Sally is a vocal coach, singing teacher, hypnotherapist and founder of Inspiring Talks Brighton. She’s been helping people overcome mental, emotional and physical blocks around using their voices for 18 years.

She has a First from the British Institute of Modern Music and is also trained in Exercise to Music, NLP, Reiki & Nutrition.

After overcoming her own challenges around her voice including stage fright, breathy voice, tight voice, constricted voice, hatred of her voice, a break in her voice and dodgy pitching, she is a very empathic teacher and understands the needs of her students first hand.

She works with people from all walks of life and wholeheartedly believes that every person can sing if they have a healthy functioning larynx and a desire to do so.

Singing really is one of the ways we can build lost connections with ourselves and others.

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