MailChimp is an amazing email marketing platform that enables you to use email marketing as an effective component of your marketing strategy.

One of the most well known and best loved online applications, it is simple and easy to learn to use, and is totally free for your first 2000 subscribers.

If you’re not yet using MailChimp but would love to learn, or are using it but want to hone your skills and learn to use some of the more advanced functionality, join me on 26 April when I’ll be running a whole day of MailChimp workshops.

Morning (9am-noon) – An intro to MailChimp where you will learn the basics including:

–        How to properly setup and structure your MailChimp account.

–        Importing and managing contacts, and creating lists

–        Design an email newsletter that is responsive on a wide variety of devices and looks beautiful.

–        How to engage with your email newsletter audience in new and creative ways.

–        Sending your first campaign.


Afternoon (1pm-4pm) – Advanced MailChimp

–        GDPR – what is it and how can you ensure your email marketing is compliant

–        Email automation – why do it and how to set it up

–        Using MailChimp leadpages

–        Understanding MailChimp reports

For more information and to book please visit:


Adeline is a Chartered Marketer and Mail Chimp Certified Expert – whatever your experience, you will benefit from her step-by-step guidance, including live demonstrations – within Mail Chimp itself.
Note: You will need a lap-top to participate as this is a hands-on workshops