Welcome to the August issue of Sussex Living, so far this summer we’ve seen glorious hot days, along with the predictable rain and some electrifying storms – so fingers crossed you’re reading this in the sunshine!

Hanna Lindon lends a helping hand to make the most of the school break with the second part of our children’s activities feature. For great ideas on how to enjoy some summer fun for both the big and small kids alike, turn to page 60.

As we bask in the holiday vibe Amy Newson lets us in on a few top tips about how to make your skin shimmer and glow, see page 44 for advice on how to radiate ready for the autumn season.

Adventure was alive and well in the 1800s, with spirited voyager Robert Louis Jefferson taking epic bicycle journeys across some very tough terrains. On page 52 Robert Veitch finds out more from his grandson about the trials and tribulations of a Victorian wanderer.

Also during this era smuggling was rife in Worthing, around the midnight hour contraband would flow onto the seafront with the coastguards desperately trying to stop it. Read more about this fascinating story on page 73.

Is your garden en vogue? If you’d like to be top of the fashion pack turn to page 26 to read about the latest trends making your outdoor space the last word in all things chic. Something that is definitely not stylish for the summer season is blight. On page 36 Flo Whitaker gives us some guidance on tackling this unwanted guest.

How well do you know your local area, are you ready to pit your wits in our summer quiz? On page 23 we have 17 taxing questions all about Sussex, why not give it a go and see how you fare.

Thank you to all our readers and advertisers from all the team here, and get ready for our Education feature in the September issue.