Haywards Heath Rotary have been so excited by the positive response from Middy readers who in the last couple of weeks have supported their Purple4Polio campaign to help Rotary End Polio Now.  When the challenge started over 30 years ago there were 125 endemic countries and now there are just 3.  Just near the finishing line to rid the world of polio Haywards Heath Rotary has renewed and strengthened their advocacy and fundraising efforts to eradicate this disease.

Readers may have noticed the river of crocuses  62.Thousand BULB’S that have brightened up the entrance to Haywards Heath at Muster Green, by sponsoring one of the remaining 1m sq plots for £50 you will help to eradicate polio.

Out of the original 336 plots there are just 17 left or .LESS .  Help us make a difference to rid the world of polio now by sponsoring a plot in your company name, group of friends or in memory of a loved one.  Although the crocuses have faded for 2017 you can still be involved and your plot of crocuses you sponsor will brighten up Muster Green in 2018 and for many years to come.

If you want to be involved in this project by sponsoring a plot for £50 go online www.itsmagic.org.uk or call 07768 254400.

Take part in making history – end polio now!