New Micro Business grants are now available for firms with less than 10 employees in order to help small businesses in Mid Sussex grow. Your company could receive up to £2000 as long as you can demonstrate how the payment will benefit your business. This could include hiring more employees, building new business lines, media training or increasing community benefit. Or, if an apprentice is taken on, then up to £1500 is available in funding.

If you bid for funding you will be visited by MSDC (Mid Sussex District Council) representatives and your application fully reviewed. The Council’s Cabinet Grants Panel will then make a decision and successful applications will receive funds by September 2017. 

Grants are provided on a first come first served basis so apply now.

Contact / Rachel Crisp
Mid Sussex District Council (MSDC)
Oaklands Road, Haywards Heath.
RH16 1SS

Sussex Pages Awarded £2000 Micro Business Grant

Through a stroke of luck, and with thanks owed to Sue Llewellyn and the Haywards Heath District Business Association (HHDBA), Sussex Pages were delighted to recently accept a grant from the Mid Sussex District Council.

Sussex Pages recently became committee members of HHDBA, after a generous invite from Sue Llewellyn, and as a result of this heard about a grant available to support the growth of small businesses like ours. Without HHDBA, it is unlikely Sussex Pages would have even heard of the grant, let alone benefit from it.

The process of applying for the grant was remarkably simple; we spoke to Gordon Reay of Mid Sussex District Council who came to our office to assess our business. He went through a few simple formalities, like quotes from suppliers and bank accounts etc, and gave us some forms to kickstart our journey for the grant. We were passed over into the capable hands of Rachel Crisp, programme manager for the Burgess Hill region, who looked after us excellently.

4 weeks later, a decision was reached and Sussex Pages was accepted for the Micro Business Grant for the maximum amount! It was a match funded package where Mid Sussex District Council put in £1000, we put in £1000 and this was match funded by the Small Business Grants team at MSDC to meet the target.

For a small business like Sussex Pages, such a grant really is invaluable, as we lacked the marketing budget to push our new area of business – our B2B tradeshows. The grant enabled us to gain the support of a local PR agency in Burgess Hill and has allowed us room to expand the business and grow that side of the company.

Special thanks go to HHDBA and Sue, for without you, we would not have had such an opportunity.

Businesses should apply for the Micro Business Grants if they are eligible, as it is a great cash injection to spend on anything you require to grow or develop your business.

Speak to Rachel Crisp or Gordon Reay at MSDC for more information or follow this link to begin.