Evolving with the times, Sussex Pages has become an umbrella corporation for 4 completely different companies and brands; Network Xpress (Net XP) and Sussex Pages – both created by Sonny Cutting to help businesses grow, Yacht Friend – developed by Sonny Cutting and Louis Campbell-Squier to break into the exclusive and elusive Super and Mega Yacht industry, and Hastings Shout – a company Sussex Pages recently invested in to give the brand leverage into the Hastings marketplace for digital marketing & events.

The acquisition of Hastings Shout, has enabled Sussex Pages and Net XP to gain a foothold in the East Sussex area without having to set up a new brand or website. We’re working in partnership with Nicole Barrett for the handover and we are excited for the challenge ahead of developing the brand to further engage with East Sussex, and Hastings as a fantastic local community area.

Our long term corporate vision of the company is to reflect on the core ideology of the organisation, and to stay true to the principles of the business by nurturing our client relationships in the long term with close partnerships. We also think that by sharing expertise, useful skills, and tips in our blogs with latest business trends and insights, that we will be able to position ourselves as a thought leader in our business marketing sector, whilst giving our business profile and visibility a nice boost on social media.

Sussex Pages is a leading provider of Creative, Digital and Social Media Management Services, offering innovative solutions in these market areas. As a company, we’re committed to quality across all spectrums of business, embracing change and seeking to continually improve our services. We are proud to strive to demonstrate positive leadership skills in all areas of the business and we always communicate in a pro-active and visionary way – Visit us at https://www.sussexpages.co.uk

Network Xpress is a successful business tradeshow and conferencing company with humble origins as a mini expo event in August 2015. Created by Sonny Cutting of Sussex Pages, he developed his business to business (B2B) marketing into an original concept to support growth for local companies with a new fun style of networking. The idea sprung from a networking event in Haywards Heath after Sonny realised that there was a gap in the market; local businesses could benefit massively from coming together, both online and offline. Net XP was born soon after this and positive reviews provided excellent feedback which propelled the brand even further forward and a short time after this, Net XP was running. Our events are unique and fresh – Visit our site: https://www.netxp.co.uk

Yacht Friend‘s mission statement is to become a successful community portal for yacht crew and yachting associated businesses. Our overall vision of the brand is to remain focused on the core fundamentals of yachting, whilst at the same time seeking out new partnerships and friends in the nautical world which then helps promote growth across the waters of the Med. Check us out at http://www.yachtfriend.com

Hastings Shout is a bespoke reviews service where we offer brands an anonymous shopper survey programme for the products and services provided by those businesses listed with us – warts and all! Blog posts are based on real experiences and allow a self-focusing development plan to be crafted with your customers at its heart. Along with the review system that we offer, we also have a business directory, local events and cutting edge digital marketing to boot. View the site https://www.hastingsshout.co.uk

These four brands come together beautifully under the overarching Sussex Pages brand, complementing and contrasting one another, in the world of digital marketing to make a difference to businesses across the region.

Our company brands can be contacted on 0800 2545 666.