As a group of 29 Scouters we set out to cycle between the Uk and Uganda, Africa.  This was a distance of 6219; split between us was a total of 214 miles each. This was all to be done in 48 hours! That’s an average of 20miles per hour, every 3 hours, each!

We were also aiming to raise £5000 towards our project work total.

Everyone  worked incredibly hard and we had Injuries galore, from sprains, strains and  aches to dislocated knees and worn ligaments but everyone pushed through their pain for the greater cause to reach this target.

We had help from members of the public, friends and family and Stephen Payne from Travel Counsellors ( who did 215 miles for us through the two nights!

Everyone maintained high spirits through to the end, mainly fuelled by pasta, noodles, mars & energy bars and water. Donated by Aquapax, sainsburys, tescos and the co-op and some very generous parents who helped transform a ton of pasta into much needed edible meals for us!

In our weary 47th hour we did achieve our target but given it was a 48 hour challenge in true scouting fashion we carried on and in total we smashed our target of 6219 to actually cycle 6573.3 miles. Now as complete cycle novis’s and some of us having not been on a bike in a fair amount of years, to have cycled an additional 300+ miles then need is amazing.

After a quick calculation of money raised over the weekend we had achieved £2500 towards the £5000 total but since the event, once it was know we had achieved our goal, further donations arrived and we have achieved the £5000 target. £5000 is half of what we need in total, the amount increased with the drop in the value of the pound, so we are still looking for donations.

Following the weekend we just wanted to say a massive thanks to Fitbit for their donation of Fitbit charges we calculated we did 2270460 steps and burnt over 414210 calories between us.

Huge thank you to Stacey and the team at Linear Fitness Club, Borde Hill gardens for the loan of the gym and equipment so we could complete this challenge!!