Dear friends and colleagues,

It’s been an exciting time at BolnoreNEWS. Over the past eight months the magazine has become a regular voice around the community and we have enjoyed very positive feedback from readers and advertisers alike.

We recently invited regular columnists to contribute their opinions and expertise on a range of interesting and important topics, which further enhanced BN’s value as a useful and engaging community resource.

We are now looking at enhancing BN further with two key adjustments.

First, we are increasing the page size from the usual A5 to B5. For anyone not familiar with publishing, this is around 30% larger and sits between the A5 and A4 page sizes. It should allow for slightly longer articles, bigger photos, more impactful display advertising and will allow the pages to ‘breathe’ more.

This will be a trial format for the March issue and providing there is a good feedback from everyone, we will run with it for all issues.

The second enhancement will be around pricing.

BolnoreNEWS has never been about making money, it was launched to fill a need in the community for a quality news resource that would help in a small way to bring people together.

We have listened to the feedback from local businesses and their opinions have been very clear. They want/need to promote their business to the local community but marketing/advertising budgets have been shrinking of late. To help meet that need we have lowered our standard advertising rates to now the cheapest of any magazine in the area:

  • A full page advert will now cost £150.00 per month
  • A half page advert will now cost £100.00 per month
  • A quarter page advert will now cost £50.00 per month
  • The back cover will cost £300 and the inside front cover £250 per month

Obviously we can offer even further reductions for ongoing advertising arrangements.

I’d like to thank everyone who supports BolnoreNEWS and look forward to speaking to everyone soon.

Kind regards



James Falkner MA



07753 271 110

[email protected]