Digital Davidson have designed a workshop which provides an introduction to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and highlights the things your business needs to consider before starting a campaign. We’re holding two workshops a month* at the Basepoint Business Centre in Haywards Heath.

The fee for these two-hour workshops, An introduction to SEO: are you ready to be found? is #50 plus booking fee which covers the cost of the meeting room (#25) and a donation to one of our three nominated charities (#25).

The first two slots available are on Friday 30th September.

So what do we cover?

After introducing the concept we highlight what you’ll need to have in place before you start to plan a campaign. Everything is related back to your business – we’ll discuss your objectives and assess the data available to you through Google Analytics and the Google Search Console. We’ll go on to discuss the importance of keywords, how they are used on your site and touch on the topic of link building.

Read more about these workshops, why we decided to stop offering free 45-minute consultations or make a booking.

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* most months, full details here