Haywards Heath Business Association (HHDBA) hosted a cybersecurity event at the Talbot, Cuckfield on Wednesday 29th June which was presented by TalkCyber Director, Ken Jacobie.

The event was attended by a number of local businesses with varying degrees of cybersecurity information and knowledge, leading to an engaging and interactive discussion.

The presentation gave an overview of cybersecurity, the potential impact and effect of a security breach and guidelines on the steps to take to protect yourself and your business.

Referencing the KPMG Cyber Risk report on current trends, 51% of surveyed small businesses will be a target for an attack,  The discussion focused on the risks and steps that could be taken to protect against escalating levels of cyber crime.

The survey also reported that 83% of respondents are concerned about access to their data and whether it is safe with 58% saying a cyber breach would discourage them from using that business in the future.  A sobering thought for small businesses.

The reasoning behind the smaller SME’s being targeted was highlighted as due to lack of security, easy access to customers, as well as employee lack of awareness and understanding of the impact of their actions. Spear-phishing campaigns targeting employees increased by 55% in 2015.

The effects and results of cybercrime reported by Dell Inc. and Palo Alto Networks highlighted Cryptowall infecting more than 625,000 computers worldwide with hackers earning circa $1m in 2014. With the latter recording 446,000 sessions involving a new ‘Locky’ ransomware affecting victims globally since it was first spotted on February 16th 2016.

‘Locky’ ransomware was used to encrypt files critical to the running of the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Centre in LA where it had three weeks of operating without essential computer programmes until a ransom of $17,000 was paid.

Even the Tewksbury Police in the USA was hit when in December 2015; the CryptoLocker virus left them for 4/5 days without their systems until the town paid a $400 bitcoin ransom.

The most recent attacks have seen the South Yorkshire Police website hacked last Sunday (26/6/2016) and French police hit by a security breach on Tuesday (27/6/2016) with the personal details of 112,000 French police officers including addresses accessed.

The sheer variety of threats such as, viruses, trojans, RATs, ransomware, hackers, social engineering, phishing and industrial espionage were discussed.   As were the consequences of a breach in terms of consumer and supplier confidence, breach of legislation, loss of intellectual property and the damage to reputation.

As it appears no one is safe from attack, the need to take steps to secure your processes, procedures and systems and educate your employees cannot be understated.

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