Watkins Chiropractic are launching a new and completely FREE service for local businesses and workers.

After 7 years of diagnosing and treating back and neck problems in Sussex we’ve noticed a trend among our practice members. Modern lifestyles are causing or contributing to many of the complaints we see.

Your spine works hard to support you everyday, long periods of sitting at desks, computers or using hand held devices, especially if not in optimal posture, can mean things start to tighten, stiffen and tension builds up in the neck, back and shoulders, this can progress to headaches, migraines and lower back pain.

We have developed a series of exercises which can be done in seconds, you don’t even need to leave your desk to do them, our clients have reported the added bonus that the exercises boost energy levels and reduce fatigue.

Do these quick exercises 3-4 times a day and you will soon notice an improvement and before long they will become second nature. In fact once your colleagues see the positive changes in your posture and energy levels, it won’t be long before the whole office is doing them!

If you want to book a Back to Business visit to your office, or if you would like to attend a session at our Uckfield clinic then just get in touch

  • Workshops at your office or at our Uckfield clinic
  • A demonstration of simple, quick and fun exercises; aimed at reducing the chances of problems building up or relieving issues, in areas such as back, neck, shoulders, headaches & migraines
  • Advice and Q&A on current problems and issues
  • Discounts on new patient appointments at the clinic for any who need more help
  • Completely FREE when attending our clinic or for bookings of 8 or more people at your office

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