Digital Davidson have just announced a new service whereby we provide an SEO checkup three months after we launch a website for a new client. This is part of our standard website build package which we believe makes us stand out from the crowd. But what does the checkup involve?

As you may know we build WordPress websites, and as such provide a written handover for our clients that allows them to complete simple content updates on their site after launch. We’ve always provided a good amount of hand-holding throughout the build process and four weeks support after launch – also as standard – but what about after that?

As part of our SEO checkup we’ll check any content that’s been published on the site after launch and critically evaluate how that’s been added. We’ll also assess how your content is looking and performing on the search engines – using the data collected and the free reports made available in Google Anaytics and the Google Search Console. And much more.

We just published a post on our blog entitled Where is the value in our new SEO checkup service? and this will tell you more about the reports we provide.

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