Haywards Heath & District Business Association is hosting a cyber security briefing on Wednesday 29th June from 6-8pm at the Talbot, High Street, Cuckfield, Haywards Heath.

Presented by TalkCyber Director, Ken Jacobie, the event will provide an overview of the potential threats, how to secure your data and what to do when your security is breached.

Ken is an alumni of the Royal Holloway University of London with an MSc in Information Security.  He has many years of experience, securing infrastructure, auditing and managing data protection in the financial sector. He has also lectured on cyber security at Brighton University’s Eastbourne campus.

Cyber security is a hot topic and whist there is a growing awareness of the various threats from cyber security criminals, most people still assume it is only the large global companies that are affected.  How wrong could you be?!  Anyone operating in cyberspace is now a potential opportunity for the hacker and, let us not forget, that some of the biggest risks come from social engineering.

What to do IF you get hacked is not an option, the question is, what to do WHEN you get hacked, assuming you are actually aware that you have been.  The sheer variety of threats to business is daunting and very real.

With EU legislation already agreed for key businesses in society and the economy, how long before your small business is affected?  Can you afford to ignore the issue?   A lack of security can and will affect the future of your business and could cost you dear.

Take the first steps to protecting your business, join us at the Talbot 29th June 2016 6 – 8 pm.

For further information  on EU legislation  see the  Press release.