We speak to a lot of eCommerce website owners and their main gripe is often the same. They make more sales through third party websites like Not On The High Street and Etsy, than they do through their own. And unsurprisingly, they’re not happy about it. And why would they be? With these corporate behemoths taking their cut of every sale I’d be disappointed too, especially if I’d invested both time and money on my online presence.

So what can be done?

Well actually quite a lot. There are many quick wins available here, some of which may apply to you. Some tactics are going to take a little longer to see the fruits of your labour, but you should start to see the difference by applying some of these best practices.

We just published a post on our blog entitled eCommerce SEO; generating more sales from your website which if you’re an eCommerce website owner, will provide some useful advice to help reduce shopping cart abandonments and increase checkouts.

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