St Peter & St James Hospice is offering people special sunflower favours to remember a loved one at celebrations. Whether it be a wedding, anniversary or birthday, the Hospice can provide favours with a personalised message to celebrate the memory of a loved one.

Special occasions can be a sensitive time when a loved one is no longer around. St Peter & St James Hospice will provide special favours for any occasion in return for a suggested donation. Many people prefer to do this instead of receiving presents, as it provides much-needed funds for the Hospice which offers all its services free of charge to its local community. The favours can be made in any colour to match the event’s colour-scheme and will contain a personalised message and 10 sunflower seeds. In this way, all the guests can take away a memento from the event and plant the seeds in memory of a loved one.

Emma Taylor, Events and Community Assistant at St Peter & St James Hospice, said, “Our pretty sunflower favours can be used at any occasion and are a wonderful way of remembering someone who can’t be there. It means that a loved one isn’t forgotten and it’s a sensitive way to ‘include’ them in the celebrations while raising money for the hospice. All the hospice services are free of charge and we’d be grateful of the suggested donation of £1.50 for each favour.”

To arrange the special sunflower favours, please call Fundraising on 01444 470722 or email