Wendy recently had the pleasure of being requested to treat a visiting University Basketball team, Plymouth Raiders, whilst they were playing against Surrey Universities, Surrey Scorchers.

 The team had a long weekend having already played Newcastle Eagles 2 nights before, and having clocked up a lot of miles in the mini bus traveling to both games, so there was plenty of work to do on the lads. It must get pretty tight on that bus given the size of those guys!

After some Chiropractic adjustments the team went on to win 64 – 73, they dragged a little in the first half but took an early lead in the second and didn’t give the Scorchers a chance to snatch it back after that.

It’s a very fast paced and physical game, great fun to watch and it was great working with the team.

If you know of any teams, or sportsmen and women who would like to see how Chiropractic can help prevent injuries, speed up recovery and improve performance, give them our number we’d love to help.

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