Running a business (or any other organisation) can be both challenging and lonely.  The Peer Learning Group is a valuable opportunity for HHDBA businesses to:

  • meet new members
  • share business challenges (and find solutions)
  • and learn from our 5 minute master classes.

In short, the Peer Learning Group provides a friendly environment in which you can help your business prosper and grow.

So please don’t miss the next HHDBA Peer Learning Group where new businesses can introduce themselves, there will be an Action Learning session and a master class on ‘Marketing – What is it, Why do I need it and How will it grow my business?’.

If you have a challenge to bring (in confidence) to the group, please email

Venue: Haywards Heath Golf Club, High Beech Lane, Haywards Heath, RH16 1SL
Cost: £7 (includes food)

Book your ticket here