Esther Featherstone local Zumba fitness instructor and award winning fundraiser has created her own fitness class called Swoove Fitness.

She first had the idea on a wintery afternoon on Sunday 28th December last year during her zumba class.  Whilst merrily dancing to Ricky Martin’s “Ay,ay,ay it’s christmas” she began singing the catchy lyrics. Being more out of puff than normal, she quickly realised that singing and dancing burnt more calories……and more importantly it was more fun. The class were beaming back at her (more than usual!) and from then on singing was firmly introduced to all classes.

She quickly realised that singing for the whole hour was nearly impossible however fit you are! She introduced whooping as this takes less puff, but is still makng you work harder than not vocalising at all.

Singercise was the original name for the class but Esther didn’t really think this was a strong enough brand so she created the word Swoove which means to sing, whoop and move.

In a nutshell Swoove Fitness is a fun, energetic vocal and physical exercise class.  There is a class for all ages and abilities from Swoove Mumma (for pregnant ladies), Swoove Baby (for mums and babes) Swoove Mini (for 1 – 3 year olds) Swoove Junior (4-6 year olds) through to the really fit Swoove X (participants wear weights on their legs and arms) and the  more mature Swoove Groove (for over 65 year olds).

The official launch class is on Sunday 20th September at 2pm at the Sports Hall at Lindfield Primary School in Lindfield.  It’s a free event but you must pick your ticket up from SWALK on Lindfield High Street.

Swoove Fitness has already raised money for charity as this is so close to Esther’e heart.  The Swoove Fitness DVD is available to buy for the local charity Kangaroos, DVD’s can be bought on the sister website

The first Swoovathon in aid of CAN – Community Action Nepal – is taking place on Sunday 27th September at Clair Hall from 2 – 5pm.  You can sign up for this on

If you think you would make a fab Swoove Fitness instructor please contact Esther on  The first training day took place on Sunday 23d August and there are now 7 instructors including one Swoove Groove instructor, two swoove attitude instructors, one Swoove Baby, one Swoove X and two Swoove Fitness instructors.  The next training day is on Saturday 26th September 2015 at London Pineapple Studios 9am – 5pm.