Could you help inspire the next generation of business entrepreneurs?

Warden Park Academy in Cuckfield takes part in Young Enterprise each year, and is seeking more volunteer business advisors and mentors for its students.

Working with a teacher for an hour-and-a-half a week, the business volunteer helps students set up and run a real firm for a year, getting vital practical experience of the joys and pitfalls of creating a business.

Students do everything from raising the initial share capital through to designing and making their product or service to selling directly to customers at specially organised trade fairs and ultimately winding up the firm and paying their taxes!

Bubblz, one of our companies last year, won Best Mid Sussex Business Plan, and we are looking to build our successful team of advisors who could boost their own skills while enhancing the self-confidence and capabilities of young business-people of tomorrow.

As well as the unique satisfaction that comes from developing the next generation of enterprising professionals through your own experience, you could improve your networking and recruitment potential by engaging with the emerging creative workforce, as well as contribute towards CPD requirements of professional bodies including the CIMA, ICSA, IFS and CPS.

For further information, please go to .

To find out more about becoming a business advisor, please email Howard Collins, Link Teacher, at or call 01444 457881.

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