HHDBA member Aquapax – the delightful natural mineral water packaged in beautiful blue paper cartons – have been shortlisted as a finalist for this years’ Good Choice! Quality Food Awards.  With an awards ceremony coming up in London in November, Neil has already gone on a diet and begun dusting off his trusty old ‘combat uniform’ – as he affectionately calls his Dinner Jacket.

In preparation for what could be a wonderful PR opportunity, he’s worked with fellow HHDBA member LocalEdge.co.uk to develop a fresh new website for the brand.  John Hockaday, the principal at Local Edge ‘just gets it’ says Neil and he was my logical choice to freshen us up with a shiny new look and feel.  As always happens with a site refresh, the iceberg principle applies no matter who does the work and now John has done a cracking job to revise, refresh and get our site looking good again, that’s when my real work of refining copy and tweaking customer lists etc applies to get closer to the consistently elusive ‘finished state’ – take a look and see what you think… aquapaxwater.com

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