The Cullen Scholefield team recently had cause to celebrate when Gina Andrei formally became a British Citizen. The official ceremony took place at the Town Hall in Eastbourne and was led by Jane Nash, the Registration Officer. The event was a wonderful opportunity to not only welcome Gina into the fold as a member of the United Kingdom family, but also reaffirmed what it truly means to be British by highlighting our values to

  • Demonstrate tolerance and respect for others
  • Seek to play a full part in the life of the local community
  • Play their part in the democratic processes
  • Care for their local community
  • Serve in a voluntary capacity
  • Work together to make a friendly, prosperous and safe place to be proud to live in

All sentiments that Cullen Scholefield and its people preserve and maintain and are delighted to uphold through our support for the HHDBA. The celebrations were rounded off in truly British style with an afternoon cream tea at Eastbourne’s Grand Hotel.