APRIL 2015




It’s that time again!  Time to renew your HHDBA membership.  Remember, we have a large number of events planned for this year: Expert seminars, How to skills, Networking Events, Peer Learning Group, Business Showcases as well as our HHDBA conference, Golf Days and Pimms and Petanque.  All this and we’re still the cheapest Business Association in the area!

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Description Number of employees Subscription for the year
Nano business Less than 5 £50.00
Micro business 5 to 20 £100.00
Small business 21 to 50 £150.00
Medium and Large Greater than 50 £200.00


The British Heart Foundation’s Heart of Sussex Ride will take place on Sunday 6th September 2015, and is one of the major fund-raising events of the year for the BHF Mid Sussex Branch.

Over 45 Volunteers are required to stage this event – providing support for Parking, Signage, Reception, manning road crossings and key route points, manning water stops, rider and horse safety, erecting course jumps, courses for leading rein riders, dog walkers, and all the erection and dismantling of marquees associated with such an event.

It is a major task, but one which is greatly appreciated by the horse riding community, given that these events have become increasingly infrequent (perhaps influenced by the work involved !)

To ensure continuity of this prestigious event, the BHF is seeking a Sponsor/s for the event, on either an “Exclusive” Sponsorship Agreement” or a “Non-Exclusive Multiple Sponsorship Agreement”

Exclusive Sponsorship Agreement.

For an annual Payment of £2000.00, the Exclusive Sponsorship Agreement would provide the following benefits to the Sponsor

  • The exclusive inclusion of the Sponsor’s name in the event title – eg The XXXXXXX Heart of Sussex Ride.
  • The inclusion of the Sponsor’s own publicity and/or promotional materials to be issued to all registrants together with the event’s schedule, providing such material can be contained within a standard A4 envelope
  • The exclusive inclusion of the Sponsor’s name on all Schedules, printed materials and publicity associated with the event
  • The prominent inclusion of the Sponsor’s name, together with the BHF Name and Logo on roadside signage, signage throughout the course, and on the Start/Finish Banners.
  • The placement of the Sponsor’s own signage round the course at locations to be mutually agreed.
  • A Free 300px x 100 px link advert of the Sponsor/ Sponsor’s company on Haynet, a popular equestrian social network for a six month term worth £250.00
  • Exclusive Inclusion of the Sponsor’s name/logo within or attached to any prizes associated with the event (eg within the rosettes given to each participant at the end of their ride)
  • Allocation of 10 places on the Event at no cost to the Sponsor, to be allocated at the Sponsor’s discretion (eg to employees, friends etc)
  • The exclusive right to use the BHF Name and Corporate logo on Company paperwork, advertising material etc. together with “Sponsor of the XXXXXXX Heart of Sussex Ride

The BHF would consider other reasonable requests from an exclusive sponsor that would serve to develop a mutually beneficial relationship between the Parties.

As there would be a significant cost in the development of new signage, the BHF would require an initial 2 Year exclusive arrangement with a Sponsor, with an option for the Sponsor to renew the Agreement on mutually acceptable terms thereafter.

Non Exclusive Sponsorship Agreement.

For an Annual Payment of £500.00, the BHF will grant up to 5 “Non-Exclusive” Sponsorship Agreements – with the following benefits for Sponsors:-

  • The inclusion of the Sponsor’s name on all publicly issued materials (eg schedules) within a dedicated Section entitled “Sponsoring Companies” and confirmation of the BHF’s appreciation.
  • All Publicity Material issued by the BHF or any agents operating on its behalf would include the names of all non-exclusive sponsors, and comments relating to BHF appreciation.
  • Allocation of 3 places on the Event at no cost to the Sponsor, to be allocated at the Sponsor’s discretion (eg to employees, friends etc)
  • Allocation of 4 course signs bearing the Sponsors name, and recognition for their support for the event, to be placed by BHF volunteers at suitable locations around the course.

The BHF would consider other reasonable requests from a non – exclusive sponsor that would serve to develop a mutually beneficial relationship between the Parties, but any such requests granted would also be offered to all other non- exclusive sponsors on the same basis

The BHF would prefer an initial 2 Year exclusive arrangement with a non-exclusive sponsor, with an option for the sponsor to renew the Agreement on mutually acceptable terms thereafter.


Weald IT is really pleased with their new Web Site – by HH Design with Videos by Bright Light Film. We would also like to thank our clients for their time in creating our testimonial videos and case studies.
Please take a look at Henry’s work, plus see the video’s both by our clients, and Weald’s staff.


A small part of Weald’s team will be taking part in this year’s Swimathon.

Please help us raise money for Marie Curie

We’re doing the team 5k (200 lengths), but to make it a little harder, Mike will be going for every fourth length as fly.


New Starter, Alex Malam immediately impressed by getting into the team spirit and signing up for the Swimathon. Alex is also a pianist, part qualified accountant and all round admin talent. She has some large shoes to fill as Hazel now goes on maternity leave – but we are certain she is up to the task.



Alex Kent Associates Ltd has been successfully providing business coaching and advice in the South East for the last 10 years. Alex is a business coach and growth specialist and currently has around 25 clients who he meets on a regular basis, to help them develop and grow their businesses. These vary widely in type and size, ranging for example from a business with only a handful of staff based locally to a business with 700 staff across four locations in the South East.

Alex’s motto is ‘Making Business Better’ and for his clients this often means:

  • Increasing sales
  • Improving profits and cash
  • Creating opportunities for growth
  • Removing business limitations

Alex is also a registered and approved Growth Coach for GrowthAccelerator. This is an excellent scheme which is now part of the Business Growth Service, a government-backed service offering support to businesses with the potential to improve and grow. In addition to developing a growth strategy and access to a coach like Alex to help apply it, GrowthAccelerator clients also have exclusive access of up to £2,000 match funding for senior managers to hone their leadership and management skills.

Alex offers HHDBA members a no-obligation consultation and a free report on the potential growth opportunities for your business. Contact Alex on coaching@alex-kent.co.uk or by phone on 07887 917657.


Rural businesses across Sussex get the chance to apply for their share of £3.2m in EU and Government funding this summer.

The LEADER programme, announced by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, will provide grants to small businesses, farmers, foresters and communities for projects that create jobs and grow the rural economy.

Funding has been allocated to two Local Action Groups (LAGs):

  • £1.5m for the Sussex Downs & Coastal Plain LAG
    • covering rural areas of Chichester District, Arun District and  Hayling Island; and
  • £1.7m for the Central Sussex LAG
    • covering rural areas of Horsham District, Mid Sussex District and Lewes District.

Both LAGs are made up of local people and organisations with knowledge of rural issues and their communities.

They will decide which projects to fund.

The process will be supported by West Sussex County Council.

Funds will be available to apply for this summer.

It builds on the success of the last LEADER scheme, which supported 153 projects and created 141 new jobs between 2008 and 2013.

West Sussex County Council Leader, Louise Goldsmith, said: “This is fantastic news for the rural economy here in West Sussex.

“We want to get the message out to all rural businesses – and to anyone thinking of setting up their own business – we want you to apply.

“If you have an idea which you think will create a job, or benefit rural communities in any way, get in touch.”

David Hurst, Chairman of Central Sussex LAG, said: “LEADER is local people making sure that the money from Brussels goes direct to the grassroots of our countryside.

“Our area stretches from Pulborough in the west to Horsted Keynes in Mid-Sussex and Firle in Lewes district.

“There are thousands of small businesses included there, and not just farmers and foresters.”

He added: “Country people making their own way, often using the products of our area, can get direct help from LEADER to provide local jobs and boost the local economy.”

Norman Dingemans, Vice-Chairman of Sussex Downs and Coastal Plain LAG, said: “The last Leader programme was a great success and I am sure this new project will be just as successful in helping new businesses start up and existing businesses grow and create more jobs.”

To find out more, visit www.westsussex.gov.uk and type ‘LEADER’ in the search box.

Alternatively you can e-mail:  rdpeleader@westsussex.gov.uk


Mike Oliver Associates are delighted to sponsor

Haywards Heath Lyons Club Swimarathon 2015 taking place at

Dolphin Leisure Centre on 3rd April, Good Friday, raising much needed funds for SERV (Service by Emergency Riders Volunteers) Sussex.

We wish all those taking part the very best of luck!


In the immortal words of John Cleese “What’s a Finance Director ever done for us?”

However it isn’t that silly a question. What does an FD do and do I need one? Big companies have FDs because they add a lot of value. Small companies don’t have them because they cost a lot of money. However it doesn’t have to be a single jump. You don’t have to wake up one morning and decide that your business is doing well so you are dropping the accountant who does your bookkeeping, annual accounts and tax, and hiring in a £100k p.a. FD. There are stages on the way and I like to break those down into three stages.

The first stage is what I call “Legal and Compliance”. This is the accountant doing bookkeeping, annual accounts, tax returns and, if needed, VAT returns and payroll. At this stage the accountant doesn’t add a great deal of value to the business but they do fulfil the valuable role of keeping you compliant with the law and stopping you from getting fined.

However you may reach a stage where you need a little more than that and enter the “Information and Control” stage. This is where the accountant is setting up processes to keep the finances of the business under control as it grows. This could include processes for controlling cash and authorisation of expenditure. It is also the stage where the accountant starts to give you useful management information on your business. This could include monthly accounts but also analysis of those accounts. Where is the best margin being made and where are the opportunities for cost reduction and increased profit? You may also need additional funding and your accountant can help you with the forecasts and business case to get that funding. At this stage you are starting to need Finance Director skills rather than just an accountant.

Moving on we come to the “Strategic and Business Development” stage. This is where your accountant is really an outsourced FD and they are helping you with long term strategy. Cash flow and profit forecasts are long term. The FD is helping with growth strategy (organic growth, acquisition, market analysis, marketing strategy etc.) There is much ad hoc work looking at aspects of the business seeing where improvements can be made. Here you are getting close to the full time FD role which is imbedded in your organisation and is involved in nearly all aspects of the business, and is concentrated on adding value rather than just meeting legal requirements.

However, this process can be gradual and you can get help at each stage of the process. You don’t have to make the leap in one go and companies like DJA can help you along the way.

If you want to know more about what we can do to help you along the path of a growing business please contact us at derek@djasolutions.co.uk or call us on 01444 451971.

Derek Parlour


DJA Business Solutions Ltd


Single Dog Owners met at The Wheatsheaf Pub in Cuckfield for a 10am start on Saturday 14th February 2015.

Despite the prediction of rain, singletons of Sussex and their canine companions did not let us down, all arrived in good time for the hour long adventure tracking through Blunts Wood. The weather was kind to the group, dog owners managed to keep dry whilst getting to know each other, the same cannot be said for the dogs who had a whale of a time frolicking in puddles!

After the walk the group had a well-deserved rest at the Wheatsheaf Inn, conversation flowed over coffee and cake, everyone had a really great time.

As to whether or not love blossomed between any of the singles or their canine counterparts … watch this space!


As a Veterinary Nursing Approved Training Practice, The Mewes Vets have been helping nurses realise their dreams to become fully fledged RVN’s for years now.

To ensure standards are maintained, the practice is inspected by Plumpton College at regular intervals throughout the year.

Our March audit was carried out by an experienced inspector who has worked at Plumpton Collage for many years auditing several local training centres.
Not only did we pass, but the inspector congratulated The Mewes for being the first practice ever to have no advisories on her report. Also that she completed her Inspection in record time.

This is fantastic news for our clinical coaches Laura Smith, Denise Scutt and India Brooker! Are very proud of you all!



Message from Carolyn Robinson,
Donor Relationship Manager, St Peter & St James Hospice

On behalf of your local hospice, St Peter & St James, I wanted to thank HHDBA for their wonderful support over the year and for contributing a great sum of £1,402 towards the work of the Hospice. What a year it has been! It has been lovely getting to know many of you through the various networking events and activities.

As many of you will know, St Peter & St James is based in Mid Sussex, caring for patients and families throughout the four main towns of Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Lewes and Uckfield. Last year, we helped over 600 patients in their own homes and at the Hospice. Of course, the building itself is only a small part of our work. We try wherever possible to give patients the choice of care and many will come for a short break at the hospice for symptom relief and pain control before going back home to be with their loved ones under the care and supervision of our Clinical Nurse Specialists.

We are only able to provide this care thanks to the generosity and support of the local community. In fact, we are very dependent on your help given we receive less than 14% from the Government.

This year, as you may have already seen, we are celebrating our 40th anniversary. There are several events planned throughout the year including our 40th Birthday Sleep Walk and a Charity Ball later on in the year. Further information can be found at www.stpeter-stames.org.uk where you will see there are many opportunities for individuals and local businesses to be involved and we are always grateful for support.

We were so delighted to have been nominated as HHDBA’s Charity of the Year and a heartfelt thanks to all those who have generously contributed.


St Peter & St James Hospice is holding its annual Sleep Walk on Saturday 11 July. Please support your local hospice by joining the event and making it even bigger and better than ever!

With this year being the Hospice’s 40th anniversary year, it is hoped that more people than ever will take part. All ages are welcome, so everyone is encouraged to bring family and friends. The Early Bird Entry fee is just £12 if you register before 22 May. You can register or pay online at www.stpeter-stjames.org.uk/event/sleep-walk2015. After that the entry fee is £15 closing on 3 July.

Setting off at midnight, the 10k route leaves The Dolphin Leisure Centre and goes around Haywards Heath finishing with everyone receiving a finisher’s memento and a free breakfast. There will be prizes for the best costume, so everyone is encouraged to pop on their onesie and slap on the face paint to enjoy the Hospice’s major event of the year. For anyone who has never taken part or been unable to take part for the past couple of years, please do all join in and make this a night to remember. As the Hospice celebrates its 40th anniversary, please join in the fun and earn your 40 winks!

All the Hospice services are free of charge to patients and loved ones and St Peter & St James relies on its local community for 86% of its funds, as just 14% comes from the Government. St Peter & St James cares for patients from Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Lewes, Uckfield and surrounding villages. With a population of 200,000, if every person in the catchment area gave just £1 a month this would nearly cover the running costs.

Sue Adams, Director of Marketing and Fundraising, said, “We’d really love to see lots more people from our community taking part and supporting the hospice at our Sleep Walk. It’s a brilliant event, full of fun, and is a great way of showing support for all work we do that we provide free to our patients in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Lewes, Uckfield and surrounding villages.

“If we’re caring for one of your loved ones, then please join the Sleep Walk. We’ve been providing our services for 40 years and it’s only with the community’s help that we can continue to care for our patients in years to come.”


St Peter & St James Hospice Charity Shops sell a huge variety of quality donated items, all of which raise considerable sums to support the Hospice. Among the fastest selling is furniture – in fact, it sells so quickly that the stocks are really in need of a boost! The Hospice Shops offer a free collection service for your unwanted furniture, including conservatory and garden items, as well as white goods.

When downsizing, moving, clearing a house or just updating your furniture, please think of St Peter & St James and donate your unwanted items, avoid landfill and let the Hospice Shops find good new homes for your pre-loved furniture. Sofas, three-piece suites, coffee tables, standard lamps, dining tables with chairs, kitchen tables, sideboards, dressers, bookcases, desks, beds, wardrobes, bedroom furniture, fridges and freezers are all wanted. Soft furnishings, unless vintage or antique, will need to meet fire safety regulations with appropriate labelling. Electrical goods need to be in good condition and working order.

Thérèse Wilson, Head of Retail for St Peter & St James Hospice, said, “With our dedicated superb furniture shops in Lewes and Lindfield, as well as our smaller outlets that sell furniture, we have an astounding opportunity to really increase funds for the Hospice – we just need more furniture!”

If you would like to support St Peter & St James Hospice through the donation of furniture and white goods, please call the donation line on 01444 470205.


Wednesday 8th April 2015 – Expert Seminars: Nick Price, Of Things Immaterial : scenario planning for the 21st century 18:00 – 20:00

Venue: Cafe Rouge, 33 The Broadway, Haywards heath, West Sussex, RH16 3AS.

Cost: £14 Members, £19 Non-Members. This includes a meal and drink. Download the menu HERE.

Click HERE to book. This is a ticket only event.

Tuesday 14th April 2015 – Networking Drinks 17:45 – 19:30

Venue: Idlewild. The Broadway. Haywards Heath.

Cost: free

Click HERE to register.

Thursday 16th April 2015 –How to….Skills: Tim Rylatt, ActionCOACH: practical networking skills to make new contacts 07:30 – 08:45

Venue: Orange Square, 52-54 The Broadway, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 3AL.

Cost: £12 Members, £17 Non-Members. This includes a drink and a full English breakfast.

Click HERE to book. This is a ticket only event.

Tuesday 28th April 2015 – Members’ Meeting: Election of Officers 18:00 – 20:00

Venue: Best Western The Birch Hotel, Lewes Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH17 7SF.

Cost: Free to HHDBA Members.

Click HERE to book. This is a ticket only event.

NEW MEMBERSWelcome to our new members

Let’s welcome our new members:

 Sarah Fisher – Sarah Fisher Associates

WebsiteSend email

Hayley Dilworth – theAssistance

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John Higgins – British Heart Foundation

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Samatha Robbins – Sussex Zest

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Emma Beynon – Spofforths LLP

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Thursday 18th June 2015

Jeremy Seigal, CEO of White Stuff – is coming to town.  

Another EGBA initiative to promote East Grinstead is coming to fruition with its first business lecture which will be held at Chequer Mead on 18th June. Jeremy Seigal who has extensive business experience working for Burtons, Debenhams, Superdrug, and is now at the helm of White Stuff will be here to talk retail and give his views on business in general.

It is very pleasing to see the increase in retail outlets in recent months and with the McIndoe Statue, the Bluebell Railway coming to town we continue to see East Grinstead develop as a ‘destination’. We believe East Grinstead is a great place to work, live and do business.

This inaugural Business Lecture will be open to anyone interested in attending, not just EGBA members. The event will start at 6.00pm when you will be able to get a drink at the bar, to network and visit stands of local businesses before the start of the lecture at approximately 7.00pm.

Jeremy will cover issues such as why White Stuff decided to open a retail outlet in East Grinstead, what the deciding factors were, market research, their business model and how he sees retail in towns such as ours evolving.

This is a fantastic opportunity to hear from the CEO of a major branded company and to put your questions to him.

Seats should be booked through Chequer Mead on 01342 302000. The cost for members will be £10.00, non-members £15.00.

If you would like further information about sponsorship or having a table top exhibit please contact Caroll Everest at caroll.everest@egba.co.uk. Tel 01342 324353.


Rather not have the inconvenience of flying? Easily resolved – just book an ex UK cruise and save yourself the bother. Lots of coverage recently over the launch of P&O’s largest ever new ship to sail out of Southampton, Britannia, who was christened by The Queen on 10th March 2015. She will accommodate around 3600 passengers and is as long as 4.5 Airbus A380 superjumbos! To benefit from regular travel related updates, cruise & land, find my Luxury Cruising Holidays page on Facebook. Should you need assistance with anything travel related, simply get in touch with me.


Clarkes Office Supplies are eagerly awaiting the first air play of our first ever radio ad on Bright FM on March 16th 2015. The ad invites listeners to go to our landing page www.clarkeshealthcheck.co.uk where there are 2 simple questions:

  • What is the name of your business
  • Do you spend over £50 a month on stationery?

We are then offering a FREE health check on your company’s stationery requirements. We’ll guarantee to make you substantial savings, without reducing quality. We’ll also help stabilise current supply costs with our bespoke, personalised service.

And, we’ll give you fifty pounds worth of office products on your first order if we don’t deliver on our promise.

If any HHDBA members can answer yes to the second question, please call Lucy Pond on 01444 457551 so we can start saving you money!


Can your business cope with a crisis?

Each year, nearly one in five UK businesses suffer a significant disruptive event.

We’ve all seen the pictures of fires and flooding but the truth is that most business disruption is caused by relatively low-key incidents.

For example, a burst water pipe, a power cut or the loss of telephone and broadband connection can bring many businesses to a standstill. Likewise, staff sickness or supply chain problems can also cause delays to customers.

Think ‘What if?’ not ‘If Only’

The assumption is often that these interruptions will only be short-lived, but have you thought about what might happen if they were more prolonged?

When time is money, it pays to know where your business may be vulnerable to disruption.

Plan Ahead

The best advice is to prepare for disruption, so that you can be as self-sufficient as possible during an incident. The chances are that in the early stages of a crisis, no-one from outside your organisation will be available to help. Discuss this with your team and write a simple business continuity plan so that everyone stays safe and knows what to do.

Don’t Panic!

If you’re not sure where to start with your Business Continuity Planning, Mid Sussex District Council are here to help!

You can book a free ‘Business Continuity Health Check’ with the Council’s Emergency Planning Manager. This one-hour session will give you an overview of your company’s ability to cope with disruption and provide examples of good practice to help you stay prepared.

Be resilient and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Further advice is available here:



The professional group Ensemble Reza has an exciting programme of concerts in April with something for everyone.

Tuesday 14th April 1-1.45pm: FREE Lunchtime Concert

Haywards Heath Methodist Church, Perrymount Rd

Come and join us for a very special FREE lunchtime concert with violinist Andrew Thurgood and pianist Nancy Cooley who will be performing music by Brahms and Ravel.

These are very intimate concerts and a great way to relax and enjoy the brilliant musicianship of Ensemble Reza and their friends. 

Ensemble Reza lunchtime concerts are supported in part with funding from Haywards Heath Town Council.  There will be a collection after each concert raising money to help fund the lunchtime concert series.

Saturday 18th April from 3-5.30pm at The King’s Church, Burgess Hill.

Following the sell-out success of our Family Concert last year with over 250 tickets sold we have teamed up with partners West Sussex Music and Kindermusik for an afternoon of musical entertainment including concerts and ‘have a go’ sessions.

Concerts: Venue: In the Main Hall from 3-3.45pm and 4.30-5.30pm

This year we will be running two interactive concerts for suggested age ranges of 6 years and under and then 7 years and over.  These concerts performed by string players from Ensemble Reza will both feature music inspired by a range of animals from swans to elephants! You are very welcome to attend both concerts if you wish!

Have a go sessions: Venue: Meeting Rooms: Throughout the whole afternoon from 3-5.30pm there will be an opportunity to come and try a range of wind and brass instruments with teachers from West Sussex Music and find out more about the Kindermusik programme for children aged 0-7 years.

Tickets for the whole afternoon: Adults £10 and Children 5-18 years £5 (4 years and under free). Family Tickets: 2 adults, 2 children: £28 and 2 adults, 3 children £32.

Available from Carousel Music, Haywards Heath, Pepperbox, Cuckfield, The King’s Church, Burgess Hill, SWALK, Lindfield and online at www.ensemblereza.com.  Suitable for all ages from 0-100!

‘We all really enjoyed the concert yesterday. The children were absolutely buzzing … in fact there was some considerable amount of ‘air cello’ being played! Pavlos and Sarah not only played beautifully but did such a wonderful job of communicating their love of music to the children and really involving them in the whole event’.  Kath



Heather Martin Garden Design is proud to be supporting Strictly Gardening 2015.

Taking place in Haywards Heath’s Orchards shopping centre on Saturday 16th May, Strictly Gardening will be, for the first time, included in the Chelsea Fringe festival.

An exciting day of events is planned, with entertainment provided by local schools and organisations in addition to a grand Gardeners Questions Time with fantastic experts on hand including BBC Sussex’s Jean Griffin, Parham House head gardener Tom Brown, Steve Edney head gardener of the Secret Gardens of Sandwich and well-known gardening personality Charlie Dimmock.

Gardening-related competitions have been taking place across the community – from nursery school mini gardens, to nursing and care home creative activities and senior school ‘bake-offs’. We look forward to sharing and celebrating their achievements on the day.

Strictly Gardening opens at 10am on 16th May. We look forward to seeing you there.



The Agents’ Summary of Business Conditions has been published on the Bank’s external website. If you would like to access this report please do so by clicking HERE.