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Using Microsoft applications to their full potential 19th February 18.00 – 20.00

Keep Calm and Beat Your Children (at computing)! Fed up with your kids knowing more about Microsoft apps than you? Learn ten easy skills to put them in their place and save you time and money in your business! It’s a win-win! Please note, no children will be harmed during the presentation of this session.

Session Summary:

Ask any business owner what they are most short of and they will almost always answer “Time.” This session will inspire you to save time using Microsoft applications. There will be a Q&A and workshop towards the end of the session. Just two examples:- use shortcuts in Excel to create a chart with just one key press; or learn how to start your PowerPoint presentation straight from your desktop instead of nervously fiddling around in front of an audience. You will also be shown how to use macros to automate tasks and really start saving time – for example, one user was receiving several spreadsheets every Monday and it took her most of that day to prepare reports from these. We reduced this so that it now takes her only 20 minutes to produce the reports. This has saved her TWO WORKING MONTHS EACH YEAR!!


Attendees will know at least nine simple ways to get quick, stress-free, professional results and will be encouraged to look into ways they can automate their work to save substantial amounts of time.

Speaker Background:

Steve Simons is the owner of PC Tamers who specialise in productivity for Microsoft programs. Clients include Philips Electronics; Dominica Banana Producers Ltd. (Caribbean), Pfizer; Hertfordshire County Council; Age Concern; Gillette; The SAS (yes that SAS – obviously he shouldn’t have told us this and has put his life in danger by doing so). He is the author of : “Lotus Organizer Explained” (ISBN-10: 0745702422); the ebook “TimeSavers” – featured on ‘PC Answers’ magazine’s cover disk and he has also contributed articles for the British Computer Society, ‘PC Answers’ & ‘ComputerActive’ magazines; and articles for the Institute of IT Trainers.

Venue: Cafe Rouge, 33 The Broadway, Haywards heath, West Sussex, RH16 3AS.

Cost: £14 Members, £19 Non-Members. This includes a meal and drink. Download the menu HERE.

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