The Day Release Degree in Business Studies from the University of Chichester is an exciting, innovative and flexible way for students to gain a full honours degree in Business Studies, whilst in work.

We are currently, successfully delivering the 2014-2018 Day Release Degree programme to a range of students from a wide spectrum of employers in the hospitality, travel, construction, engineering leisure, retail, marketing and social enterprise sectors.

The University of Chichester is inviting existing employees  who want to develop their potential by gaining a degree that is directly relevant to their work to contact us. We are also looking for highly motivated and talented students in their final year of college to consider this programme.

What’s in it for Employers?
The Day Release Degree is the best opportunity for you and your organisation to develop your own existing talent in a way that is focussed on your organisation and organisational goals, whilst allowing your employee the opportunity to get a recognised qualification. It is aimed both at existing employees and new entrants.

  • Attracting highly skilled, motivated people – offering a job within your organisation that allows a person to attend the Day Release Degree programme will help you to attract the high calibre recruits that can really help to drive your business forward.
  • Direct business impact – your business will benefit directly from work-related projects focused on your business objectives and enables the students to make a real difference while they are learning.
  • Increased loyalty – you gain loyalty from your employees as supporting development is widely proven to have a positive effect on staff motivation and retention.
  • Innovation – your organisation benefits from innovation and impact as the student brings the latest research and approaches to the work related projects that they will be doing.
  • Talent Management – grow your own employees who will become your high performers of the future.

How does it work?
The University of Chichester identifies employers who want to be part of this innovative programme. Businesses want to partner with us because they can see the benefits of developing their existing staff members as well as attracting new entrants and the long term benefit that this can bring to the organisation.

  • Students will study at the University of Chichester one day a week over three ten week terms for the first three years. The fourth year comprises primarily a tutor supported management project studied over two semesters i.e. September to May
  • Study is a mix of generic business and skills based modules. The majority of assignments are work related projects agreed in advance with the employer. Subjects covered include, finance, management, marketing, HR and operations.
  • Students are supported by both an academic tutor and a work based mentor.
  • Employers typically fund 50% of the course fees with some participants getting access to student loans.

What’s in it for the Day Release Degree student?

You may be an existing employee and want to develop your potential within the company to enhance your career and move to more senior roles. The Day Release Degree is perfect for developing and progressing your existing career and because you will be working on practical projects you make a very direct impact on your business.

Alternatively, you may have completed your BTEC or your A Levels and want to get a degree, but may not want to go to university full time in which case the Day Release Degree is for you.  It is an excellent opportunity to achieve a recognised degree, whilst gaining valuable work experience.

As the degree is done while you are in work, there is every chance that you will have much reduced student debt from the fees. You can still apply for student loans.

 Here are some comments from our current employer partners and students:
“It’s about investing in the young today to give you the managers of tomorrow. We are really pleased with our student, Anna-Marie; she has exceeded expectations and is already making an impact. We definitely plan to recruit two more for this year’s programme” Nick Munday, Managing director, Classic Collection Holidays Ltd.

“Working directly with a corporation allows you to get vital work experience for future career progression”. Jay – Trainee, Butlins Leisure

“With the coursework being based around the company’s own core principles and internal training policies I feel I am getting the best education from both sides”. Simon – Manager, Bombardier Engineering

“The Day Release Degree is an amazing experience. It gives you the vital experience that employers look for alongside your qualification” Anna Marie Hillard, Day Release Degree student, Classic Collection Holidays Ltd.

How do I find out more?
Call Andrew Adams at the University of Chichester on 07796 655247,email a.adams@chi.ac.uk


Aquapax-in-Fortnum-Mason HHDBA members AQUAPAX (Just Drinking Water Ltd) have pulled it off again, this time in the world famous Fortnum and Mason store in Picadilly. “Fortnums is a store like no other” says Neil (Aquapax founder) “and this shows we’re still ‘punching above our weight’ with Aquapax consistently being selected by some of the most exclusive retail customers in Europe.”

“HHDBA members Grape and Grain, along with Frootie Juices in the Orchards, offer locals somewhat better value than Fortnums and if you already know and like Aquapax, why not take advantage of the exclusive HHDBA Members Offer and start your New Year with a Detox of Distinction!”  More details at: aquapaxwater.com


If you ever wondered why a marathon was over 26 miles and 385 yards, it is because that is the distance from the city of Marathon to Athens in Greece.

The marathon was instituted in commemoration of the fabled run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides, a messenger from the Battle of Marathon to Athens. He is said to have run to deliver news of a military victory against the Persians.

Marathon races have sprung up in cities all over the world with 35,000 places up for grabs for the London 2015 run. However, the Authentic Athens Marathon rarely gets the limelight it deserves.

Running for charity Tommy’s, Nicholas Sheppard who works as Sales & Marketing Manager for internet service provider OptaNet, decided to give it a go.

“The truth is that I signed up for it, paid for the flights and the hotel and then didn’t have the time to train. I sat there in Athens with a beer the Friday before the run and I wasn’t going to do it.”

“Sat opposite me was a man in his 60’s from Portsmouth, who was smoking a cigar and quite obviously drunk. He told me he was going to do it, safe in the knowledge that he wasn’t planning on finishing it. He jokingly aimed a few strong words at me, and that was all I needed.”

The runners woke at 5am on the Sunday morning and were collected from Athens by a convoy of coaches and driven in the dark towards Marathon. The weather for the day was supposed to be overcast and cool with a little rain later on. However, it didn’t work out like that.

“We were all sitting on the coach, when the sun came up. There were no clouds to be seen, just a big ball of fire that filled everyone with fear.”

“We got to the start line and it must have already been near 20 degrees. During the run it got even hotter and as most of the run is through small villages, you don’t have any shelter.”

The athletes entered Athens with crowds either side of the road. However, the best part was still to come. They turned to see Panathinaikon Stadium, passing by the Presidential Residency and the National Gardens. 200 meters to go and they entered the Stadium and ran inside it, before reaching the finish line.

“I don’t think I will ever experience anything like that run into the stadium. Some people were in tears. Possibly because they reached the end, but I think it also had something to do with that stadium. You have to look it up and see how beautiful it is.”

“I have to say, I don’t condone running, or running/walking a marathon with little training. You need a lot of mental strength to make up for the lack of physical ability. 5hr 27m after the start, I had crossed the line. I don’t think I’ll be doing it again though.”

HHDBA member Nicholas, ran for Tommy’s and should you wish to donate please follow this link


If you would like to know more about this run, or to find out how OptaNet can help you get connected to superfast broadband, please contact nicholas@optanet.com

More information on the Athens Marathon can be found here http://www.athensauthenticmarathon.gr/


Often CEOs start thinking about appointing a part-qualified HR professional when their headcount clears around 50 staff.

CEOs who know they need HR but don’t understand the contribution HR can make tend to appoint around one HR professional per hundred staff. Those that understand the power of business partnering by high-competency people-managers tend toward 3 per hundred.

But there’s a big difference in costs between one part-qualified HR officer and three business partners. How then does a CEO make sense of this? Management consultant John Berry’s simple infographic explains.

You can browse the infographic at http://www.timelesstime.co.uk/blog/2014/11/what-size-of-hr-department/.


There is an exciting line up of speakers for the morning including a Gus Christie, Chief Executive at Glyndebourne who will talk about the opera houses iconic wind turbine, commissioned in 2011 which now generates up to 90% percent of the sites annual electricity requirements and reduce their overall carbon footprint by 50%. The company is committed to reducing their impact on the environment and has many initiatives to ensure staff engagement including interest free loans for train travel.

Also speaking will be Jonny Starmer of Baystar Energy will give an overview of biomass boilers and the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive and Mike Chapman of South East Wood Fuels discussing different fuel options and local availability.

The breakfast will be held at County Hall, St Anne Crescent, Lewes. 08:00 to 10:00 on Thursday 29th November. The cost is £20 for one, £30 for two, fresh coffee, croissants and bacon sandwiches included.

For further information visit www.sustainablebusiness.org.uk or for bookings please call 01273 964239 or email network@sustainablebusiness.org.uk


Paul-and-NeilNeil Brunton, Fixtures Secretary for Cuckfield Cosmos and Lead Coach for the U11’s, was looking for a local business to financially help with the running of the team, particularly the costly funding of a new kit for 52 players that make up the four U11 teams. The shirts would feature the sponsor’s business name but they desperately needed new shorts and socks as well and despite an awful lot of door knocking, cold calling and worn soles, things weren’t looking good.

Neil said, “Every year, it’s getting harder and harder to find sponsors for the team and I was getting to the stage of thinking it was likely they’d spend another year playing in the old worn kit which certainly wasn’t ideal. 3 of our teams play in the Mid Sussex League and 1 in the Sussex Sunday League and I wanted our boys to start the new season with new kit. Some of the kit was showing signs of wear and also getting too small for a lot of the players. The teams have been very successful over the years and I wanted them to look and feel the part, too”.

Lock-Assist-with-Cuckfield-CosmosBut with time running out, his luck changed when he called in on local master locksmiths, Lock Assist at their premises in Eastern Road, Haywards Heath. Unbeknown to Neil, Paul Harper-Smith, Lock Assist’s director, had narrowly missed out on sponsoring a local team in 2013 which honour instead went to a national business. After several meetings between Neil and Paul and lots of caffeine, it was finally agreed that the established local master locksmiths of 11 years would sponsor the U11 team for the next 3 years!

Paul said, “When Neil and his son, Rian, first called into the shop, We could see how enthusiastic they were about the club and that was quite infectious although I have to admit, I didn’t know of Cuckfield Cosmos! Neil then explained how successful the four U11 teams were and how the club were looking for a local business to work with who could contribute to the large cost of funding over 50 complete new kits but in return, the business would benefit by having their name on the football shirts. Straight from the off, this was something we were interested in supporting.”

A couple of weeks later, Paul, who started as an apprentice locksmith over 30 years ago, was invited along to the team’s prize giving event and received a very warm welcome when Lock Assist was announced as the new sponsor.

It’s always good to see local businesses giving something back by supporting and working with their communities which, in turn, helps everyone.

The photo was taken at St Wilfrid’s CE Primary School, also in Eastern Road and where some of the team are pupils. Most of the team were able to make the photo shoot and shows them sporting their brand new brightly coloured kit along with staff from Lock Assist.

Paul assures us that this was a very rare moment when the staff weren’t smiling!

If you have a child with an interest in playing football locally, go to http://www.cuckfieldcosmosfc.co.uk  for more details.

If you have a lock or door with an interest in working properly, go to http://www.lockassist.co.uk  or call 01444 244 344 or 01293 260 062 for more details.

We wish Cuckfield Cosmos U11’s the very best of luck for the season. C’mon Cosmos!


When:   Saturday January 10th 2015

Where: Haywards Heath Town Hall, 40 Boltro Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 1BA

Times:   8.30am – 12.30pm

Haywards Heath Town Council has been working very hard to develop its Neighbourhood Plan since the consultation exercise undertaken earlier this year.   The rules and regulations on the development of Neighbourhood Plans, both locally and nationally, have changed considerably during this time and in a very quick manner.  As the plan has been progressed in line with these changes and the comments made through the consultation process, our progress has been somewhat slower than we would have liked.

A new year brings fresh opportunity so we would like to re-engage with the community to let you know where we are with the Plan and what the Council’s intentions are for moving the Plan forward.

As a result, we are holding an open morning on Saturday, January 10th 2015 between 8.30am – 12.30pm at the Town Hall when you are welcome to pop in and speak to Councillors.

We look forward to seeing you.

Steven Trice
Town Clerk
Haywards Heath Town Council
Town Hall
40 Boltro Road
Haywards Heath
RH16 1BA



In a matter of just a few hours, over three exciting days (4-6 December), supporters of St Peter & St James Hospice made online donations to The Big Give Christmas Challenge, enabling the Hospice to reach and exceed its Christmas Challenge target of £50,000.

Thanks to the very generous online donations made, which will be matched by pledges from Hospice supporters and the Hospice’s Charity Champion, Candis Magazine, the Hospice has raised more money than ever before for its home care service through The Big Give Christmas Challenge. The total raised currently stands at £53,961, but may rise further with the addition of Gift Aid on pledges. St Peter & St James needs to raise £2.6m each year and relies on 86% of its funding coming from the community, so The Big Give Christmas Challenge sum will help the Hospice in delivering its vital services to the community. The Hospice always needs support and donations are still needed, so supporters are encouraged to donate online through the website.

Sue Adams, Director of Fundraising and Marketing at St Peter & St James Hospice, said, “We are so grateful to our supporters for going online to help us raise this fantastic sum of money. Supporters pulled out all the stops to make sure St Peter & St James Hospice would hit its fundraising target, showing commitment and determination to make sure their donations were matched by our pot of pledged funds.

“We would also like to thank our Charity Champion, Candis Magazine, and those supporters who pledged gifts to the Christmas Challenge earlier in the year, helping to create the match-funding pot. Without their support, the online challenge would not have been possible.

“The money raised will be used to give Hospice patients the care they need at the end of their life, as well as providing support to their families and carers. This is a great, early Christmas gift for the Hospice and we are indebted to all those who contributed. Our challenge doesn’t stop here and donations are always needed to help us meet our costs each year.”

Tuesday 13th January 2015 – Networking Drinks 17.45 – 19.30

Venue: Idlewild. The Broadway. Haywards Heath.

Cost: Free.

Click HERE to register.

Wednesday 21st January 2015 – Peer Learning Group

Venue: Haywards Heath Golf Club, Haywards Heath, RH16 1SL.

Cost: HHDBA Members & Non-Members £7

Click HERE to book. This is a ticket only event.

Thursday 29th January 2015 – Showcase Your Business

Showcasing Government Business Support Programme. HHDBA is offering local businesses the chance to hear about 3 government-backed initiatives to help them grow

Venue: Birch Hotel, Lewes Road, Haywards Heath

Cost: Free

Click HERE to book. This is a ticket only event.

NEW MEMBERSWelcome to our new members

Let’s welcome our new members:


Helen Hubbard – Peace Accountancy Ltd

WebsiteSend email


Lucy Pond – Clarkes Office Supplies

WebsiteSend email


Toby Edwards – Knighthood Corporate Assurance Services Limited

WebsiteSend email

Alison Neale – Sussex Wealth Management

WebsiteSend email



My opportunity of interning for the HHDBA has been an amazing experience in terms of professional and personal growth. Coming from another country (Italy) I was welcomed as a member of a big team that for me has become as a big family!

From the very start of my internship I felt a valued employee of each company that I worked for, such as the HHDBA, Woodhouse Communications and Fifty6. Since joining “the HHDBA hub” I have been working on challenging and stimulating activities and training. As I graduated in Marketing and Branding I have been involved in promotion, marketing, advertising, events organisation, administration and research projects.

I have been able to gain a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time and in the process, without wanting to sound clichéd, I have learnt a lot about myself and the way that I work. It has given me the chance to work in a business environment, in a situation where I can take on some responsibility but with the freedom to make mistakes and learn from the team around me.

I think it is important as an intern to remember that you have skills that are valuable and not to feel that you are the only one gaining from the experience. All my colleagues have been really nice in making me feel a valued member of the team, giving me confidence in my own abilities and contribution. It has been relevant to me that the structure of my internship has reflected my learning and development, so that I have been able to gradually assimilate into the business allowing my work to become increasingly valuable to its function.

Structured in this way the next step into my new role feels a natural progression, not just for myself but also for the organisation! I also had great fun in participating in the many of the HHDBA events, for example networking drinks, seminars, AGM etc., meeting new people, making friends, taking some good business advice, being always in good company and friendly environments. Currently for the month of December I am working at Cullen Scholefield; since I am having the possibility to continue my internship’s period at the HHDBA, I will be glad to help any members’ businesses/companies in terms of marketing, communications, branding, events or PR activities during the month of January after Christmas holidays.

To contact me please call 0039 3392258453. To contact the HHDBA call 01444 884210


Big success ‘End Duchenne in 10’ Charity bootcamp

We raised over £1000 pounds

This charity, set up by parents Emily and Nick Crossley, is dedicated to raising money to find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, the number one genetic killer of young boys. Their son, Ely, was diagnosed with this terrible disease 3 years ago and to save him and thousands of other boys like him they have initiated several promising clinical trials, which could achieve their goal to End Duchenne in 10.

Check out this link to see where the money is going.


Level10 Website launched with new memberships

Memberships available:

  • Unlimited sessions per week for £70 per month
  • Any 2 sessions per week for £55 per month
  • Any 1 session per week for £30 per month

Sign up in before January 31st and pay no joining fee! Memberships are exclusive and capped so don’t miss out.

All above memberships are completely flexible simply pick one of the memberships above, base this choice on the number of sessions per week you wish to attend. You have a choice of all the services above book a space online and turn up. Please note when booking this will automatically use a session out of the allowance (excluding unlimited membership).

Memberships are limited so don’t miss out on our offer which ends January 31st!

Memberships include:

A mix of indoor and outdoor sessions led by Personal Trainers. Suitable for a mix of abilities using a variety of training methods and equipment. The choice is yours to vary up each week if you like just get booked on and see the results

Please Visit Level 10 website for full list payment options and bookings. www.level10training.co.uk

Find out more in the Level 10 December Newsletter


Clarkes Office Supplies, a recent member, have a fantastic offer on paper for all members. We can supply Banner Value paper at £1.89 a ream (£9.45 a box) + VAT on all orders over 10 boxes or mixed with stationery items totalling above £75 +VAT.

Please contact Lucy Pond for more information: Lpond@clarkesofficesupplies.co.uk 01444 457551.


Bridge Road ground breaking ceremony

Small business starter units that support the growth of new and embryonic enterprises will soon be available for local entrepreneurs to rent.

The project, a joint initiative between Mid Sussex District Council and West Sussex County Council, will support the development of new and small businesses in the District. The units will act as a stepping stone, giving developing businesses access to their first commercial base and providing a platform that will allow companies grow.

Read more information on the site, the units available and services provided HERE.

The new business starter units are being funded entirely by Mid Sussex District Council, which is putting in £1.33 million and West Sussex County Council, which is contributing £600,000.

West Sussex County Council Leader Cllr Louise Goldsmith joined Cllr Gary Marsh, Mid Sussex District Council Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Property to mark the start of the building work with a ground breaking ceremony at the Bridge Road site in Haywards Heath on Friday 21 November.

“It’s exciting to see construction work starting because these new business starter units could unlock a great deal of untapped potential in the local economy,” said Councillor Gary Marsh, Deputy Leader of Mid Sussex District Council and Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Property. “We have so much talent locally and this will provide them with a leg up to that first rung on the business ladder. These starter units will provide a boost for local businesses and help to secure a prosperous long-term future for the Mid Sussex economy.”

Councillor Louise Goldsmith, Leader of West Sussex County Council said:

“It’s a key priority for us as a County Council to support and grow our economy, which is why I was delighted to be part of the ground breaking ceremony on Friday.

“Local people wanting to set up a new business or who need help in continuing to run their young business now have somewhere on their doorstep that can offer excellent support.

“We are proud to be involved in taking this initiative forward and working with our partners to help add value to the local economy. This facility will help to give start-ups a great chance of making a success of it.”

The new offices and workshops will be equipped with the latest technology to ensure that each unit is ready for local businesses to move in. Aimed at making it easy for small businesses to access the scheme, companies will have self-contained business premises but will share reception, photocopying and meeting facilities. This set-up allows local businesses to keep running costs low and provides excellent opportunities for networking and business development.

The business centre will be managed by Basepoint, a company which specialises in the development and operation of managed business innovation and enterprise centres, and providing accommodation and support infrastructure packages to new and early-stage companies. Basepoint is a well-established name in Sussex.

Karen Osborne, Regional Manager for Basepoint Shoreham, said:

“We look forward to working on this project and providing a modern office solution to small and medium sized enterprises in partnership with Mid Sussex District Council and West Sussex County Council. It’s great to be part of an initiative to help young businesses and entrepreneurs, something which we strongly support. We encourage interested business owners to get in touch for more information.”

The building work is scheduled to run until late spring next year and the facilities will be formally opened in May 2015. For more information about the new business starter units email karenosborne@basepoint.co.uk.



The Agents’ Summary of Business Conditions has been published on the Bank’s external website. If you would like to access this report please do so by clicking HERE.