There’s a formal consultation next week on a Haywards Heath Transport Study and HHDBA has been asked for input. Committee member Neil Tomlinson is attending on behalf of the Association and the question for you as a HHDBA member is: –

If you had the money to improve Haywards Heath Town Centre for shoppers, traffic, cyclists and pedestrians to make visiting, shopping and living in the town a better experience, what would you do?

There’s a free format feedback form HERE and please take this chance to give any ideas before someone else has their agenda implemented without your input.  You might want to consider one or all of the following, but there’s no need to over think any aspect. Any feedback is better than none at all: –

Geographical Areas
Station Quarter-Perrymount Road
The Broadway/Muster Green
South Road-Sussex Road
Wider road network in the town
Strategic Themes
Walking & cycling
Public transport (bus, rail, taxi)
Parking & deliveries
Vehicles & traffic
Design and look of streets
Space for ‘town events’

You have this one chance to give your views – please take this opportunity and give Neil your feedback today!


Only those who do it, can really understand how tough it can be running a business! If you are ready to take your business to the next level, and funding limitations are getting in the way of growth, we have the solution.

Everybody’s talking about it! UK based platforms have seen an explosive growth in crowdfunding companies offering different criteria for lending, so knowing which one to choose can be a little bewildering . Whichever route you choose, be that equity, (where you give shares in the company in return for upfront investment), rewards or a loan from ‘the crowd’ otherwise known as peer to peer lending, you’ll need to know who’s who in the UK crowdfunding scene and that’s where we can help.

10 great benefits that crowdfunding offer

  • It provides access to capital.
  • It hedges risk.
  • It serves as a marketing tool
  • It gives proof of concept.
  • It allows crowdsourcing of brainstorming
  • It introduces prospective loyal customers.
  • It’s easier than traditional applications
  • It’s free PR.
  • It provides the opportunity of pre-selling
  • It can be free!*

Reassuringly, the Financial Conduct Authority has developed a Code of Conduct, which its members sign up to and which is designed to develop a responsible industry and help grow momentum behind this type of investment, so let’s get started.

*Talk to Mike! 0845 4021757     mike@moaifa.co.uk

For more information go to our website www.moaifa.co.uk  


TimelessTime-Logo-standard-rgbMotivation is a complex concept and it’s central to all managers’ lives. If they could be sure of staff motivation applied in the right direction on the right business activities, many management headaches would disappear overnight.

But managers find it a complex concept to learn, perhaps not helped by training programmes that have moved little since the 1980s when teaching about needs and hygiene factors from Maslow and Herzberg was in its heyday. These have been substantially discredited today and yet this training content persists.

Management consultant John Berry’s latest article takes a new approach to effecting motivation, identifying a large number of models and theories that have been established from research. John’s approach adds a method of managing events and charting progress of motivational activities using a feedback control tool.

This article is published in the October 2014 edition of the Training Journal. HHDBA members can email john.berry@timelesstime.co.uk for a copy.


Trustees are the people in charge of a charity. They play a vital role, volunteering their time and skills and working together to make important decisions about the charity’s work Trustees’ Week is an annual event to showcase the great work that trustees do and highlight opportunities for people from all walks of life to get involved and make a difference. Most people have skills, knowledge or experience which they can bring to a charity and estimates suggest that almost half of all charities have at least one vacancy on their board.

We have opportunities for trustee roles in a number of charities in Mid Sussex. If you think that you have the skills to help a charity grow, please contact Sue Edgson at the   Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath Volunteer Centre to find out more. You can email Sue at: development@msscvs.org.uk or give her a call on 01444 870711.

You can also find out more about being a trustee by visiting www.trusteesweek.blogspot.co.uk/p/about-trustees-week_28.html


The Government have a plan in place to bring superfast broadband to 90 per cent of UK premises by early 2016. This is quite a task considering the scale of the work involved, and so in partnership with BT Openreach and local councils, they are laying the foundations (or more correctly, fibre optic cables) to make this happen.

You may hear about Fibre to the Cabinet or FTTC, and this is what is taking place right now. Instead of the old, slower copper wires from a local exchange to a cabinet on a street near you, they are being replaced by fibre cables.

West Sussex County Council have created a dedicated website to notify areas when the roll out is happening, and recently Hayward Heath became connected. This means that your business could benefit from a number of more advanced products. To see if you can upgrade, please contact us and we will let you know what is available to you.

FTTC Superfast Broadband

As soon as fibre is available to you, your business can achieve speeds of up to 80Mpbs instead of the typical ADLS speeds of up to 24Mbps. Our superfast broadband products cost from just £35.99 a month which is only little more than an ADLS product.

Remember, with a broadband product like this, you share your line with those around you, so you get ‘up to’ speeds and they may be impacted by your connection and time of day. You also get what is known as asymmetrical speeds such as 40/10 or 80/20. This means up to 80Mpbs upload and up to 20Mbps download.

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM)

Ethernet in the first Mile (EFM) is the same as the FTTC product, in that your signal goes to the local exchange via fibre, but from the exchange to the internet it travels along a different network called the Ethernet network.

This means you can get a solution that is only used by your business. No ‘up to’ speeds with EFM. If you are quoted 20Mbps, you will get 20Mbps. You will also get 20Mbps upload AND download speeds. These products are great business products as you have more control over your network. They also have iron clad SLAs and support.

With the recent fibre rollout, BT have won the contract to provide the infrastructure, but you are free to choose any internet service provider to help you get connected. As a well-established provider of business grade internet solutions for clients around the world, we are well placed to help businesses transition from slow ADSL products to faster fibre solutions.

As a member of the Haywards Heath Business Association, we are also offering 10% discount on the installation fee for both our Superfast broadband products and our Ethernet in the first mile products.

For more information, please contact Nicholas Sheppard, Sales & Marketing Manager for OptaNet on 0203 475 3611, email sales@optanet.com or visit www.optanet.com


The Pitfalls of Poor Business Advice

Looking for high quality independent business advice can be an infuriating process. The market is flooded with consultants who propose blanket approaches and ignore the importance of your individual business needs.

As a business coach myself, I get frustrated by the approach of some management consultants because their advice has often proved to be of poor value, or at worst they have caused more harm than good.

The type of consultants and business coaches that I am referring to are people who offer generic business advice, they tend to make sweeping generalizations and try to put your company into a neat little box so that they can apply their advice based on a simplistic approach.

There are many advantages to be gained from seeking independent external perspectives, for example uncovering ideas which you would never have thought of yourself. But the potential pitfalls can be dangerous, especially if the new perspectives can’t be backed up with appropriate evidence or data.

It’s important for business leaders to make the right choice because if you’ve brought on a poor consultant and the advice doesn’t work, they can simply walk away with your money and blame your poor implementation as the problem!

Frustrating isn’t it? So how can business leaders seeking external advice gain the advantages and avoid the main pitfalls?

Here are four key things to consider:

Really Interrogate the Expert Advice that is Given

You should interrogate the basis for any advice or suggestions provided by your consultant or coach. Probe for generalisations and assertions; challenge these where necessary and seek evidence, specifics, real examples and testimonials.

Every Business is Unique

Just as every person is different, each business is made up of a unique set of circumstances, goals and objectives etc. If your consultant tries to put your business issues into a neat box for their own convenience, it’s likely that they have not sufficiently tried to understand your individual business requirements.

Trust Your Gut

It’s your business. If the way forward proposed by the ‘consultant’ feels wrong, then it could well be that your instincts are right! Explain your concerns and if the consultant can’t allay them, then the advice is probably not right for you.

Don’t Rely on One Voice

Avoid relying exclusively on the advice of an individual business consultant or executive coach. Ideally you should seek a wider range of views. One reason why peer advisory groups work so well is that they provide a spectrum of valuable views, ideas and suggestions from people who are agenda-free, independent and experienced. (Don’t rely on my assertion here – ask some peer group members!)

In summary, independent advice can be extremely valuable – but beware of those who offer only ‘off the peg’ advice. An excellent advisor is one who really drills down to uncover what makes you and your business work and how it is different from every other business.

Alex Kent

Alex Kent Associates Ltd


07887 917657

Registered and approved Growth Coach for GrowthAccelerator

Registered advisor for the Growth Voucher scheme



Firstly we wish thank everybody that has stuck with us throughout the startup process to create Level 10.

It has been a dream of ours to open our own facility and provide the best possible training services we can without having the excuses from Head office.

We have worked hard to find and create a venue to match or exceed the level of standards and requirements that all of our clients rightfully deserve.

We are proud of our Facility we hope you feel the same way as we have created this for you.

We are constantly working on ways to grow and improve our services so your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Email info@level10.co.uk

Launch Evening

level10-wallBig thanks to everybody who came to support us on our Launch Evening.

We were over whelmed with the turn out, was a fantastic vibe in Level 10 facility breaking all the rules in the gym drinking rather than Burpees! The two hours flew by and unfortunately wasn’t enough time to get to see everybody.

We hope you all had a good time. If you couldn’t make it don’t worry we will be planning Christmas events soon as it will soon be upon us!

Open to suggestions guys so let us know if you have any good ideas.



7.15 am, 8.15am, 9.15am


£6 per session if booked in advance (minimum suggested donation)


You can donate at www.justgiving.com/duchennebootcamp and leave message with your preferred time or you can book directly with Vivian 07725034837


They are working to find a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The most common genetic killer of children worldwide.


It’s no secret that exporting is linked to increased sales and profits. Yet three in five UK companies don’t export, and less than one in ten intend to do so.

A lack of contacts, insufficient time and resources to research opportunities and confusion over legal and regulatory requirements are just some of the factors holding companies back.

But what if it was possible to receive tailored advice and support as you take the next step in the expansion of your business, learning how to export your goods and services?

The University of Chichester is inviting companies thinking of exporting to do just that – by joining the Export Hot House Programme.

The seven-month programme, which is 80% subsidised by the Regional Growth Fund, has been designed specifically to help your company identify whether you are ready to export and maximise your chances of success.

Over the course of the programme, you’ll take part in a one-day Boot Camp, six full-day Knowledge Workshops and six expertly facilitated Peer-to-Peer Workgroups.

You’ll find out what is involved in exporting, assess the risks involved and brush up on the legalities to avoid your expansion impacting negatively on your company.

Delivered by business experts and university academics, you’ll receive support and guidance from those who have been there and done it, saving you time and money.

If you’ve thinking about exporting but don’t know where to start, the Export Hot House Programme is for you.

With programmes launching in Croydon and the South Coast, this fantastic opportunity is open to any company based in the Coast to Capital region for just £1000 (plus VAT).

Find out more or reserve your place by calling Paul Dallibar on 01243 793528 or P.Dallibar@chi.ac.uk.



The Priory formerly Our Lady’s Priory School and in more recent years was a restaurant is being re-opened as a concert venue by Tim French of It’s Magic Events.

The Priory is an outstanding architecturally beautiful building, with a mezzanine floor installed to accommodate the former restaurant; it means visitors will sit in the roof space of this former church. With wooden panelling, impressive stained glass windows and vaulted roof, for those who have never visited one of Haywards Heath’s Grade II historical building now is your opportunity.

The first of a selection of concerts will be held on Sunday 2 November. Wilbury Jam, a well known local folk band will perform. The folk music inspired band are well-known for their sizzling performances, a special mixture of comedy, concert, and audience participation.

Wilbury Jam is a recipe for quality, all-round entertainment.  The essential ingredients are the combined talents of its three members, Pete Callaghan, Mike Wood and Nick Forrest.  A multi-instrumentalist, Mike Wood enables the band to have a variety of instrumental line ups for different numbers and Nick’s versatile voice allows the band to tackle many different genres.

Anchoring the special WJ sound is double bassist Pete Callaghan who, over the past quarter of a century, has become a favourite of the band’s fans with his legendary golden tonsils!  Sit back and enjoy beautifully arranged ballads, popular songs from iconic acts such as The Beatles, Eva Cassidy, Cat Stevens, and Simon & Garfunkel and join in with WJ’s action packed audience participation numbers.

Tickets and booking information         

TICKETS: £15   

Book your tickets by phoning the It’s Magic Events Ticket Office on 01444 800045 or online www.itsmagic.org.uk



Includes FREE delivery

Here’s some of the other things they do – at  GREAT PRICES:


Please VISIT THE WEBSITE for more great offers, or contact Steve today for a competitive quote.


01444 415 955



Local Interior Design practice, HomeSmiths, work with private individuals, developers and also care home owners. Keen to continue to develop knowledge and expertise, Jacqui Smith attended a Dementia Design School residential course at Stirling University this month.

“I love the challenges which this area of design brings. This is so often seen as the less glamorous side of interior design but I find it incredibly rewarding. Since permanently losing the sight in my left eye in 2012, I know firsthand how poorly considered interior decor can be such a problem for someone with impaired senses.”

Jacqui and her team have recently completed the new Well Being centre at St Peter & St James Hospice, the Barratt David Wilson show home in Lindfield and are working on a number of private residential projects in Sussex.



Sainsbury’s has chosen St Peter & St James Hospice as its charity of the year and kicked off a year of exciting activities with a book sale in aid of the Hospice.

The book sale was held on 26 and 27 September with the books having been donated by both Sainsbury’s members of staff and customers. Everyone at St Peter & St James is grateful to those who supported and volunteered at the book sale raising a generous £240 to help the Hospice carry out its vital work for the local community.

Rafe Overy, Sainsbury’s Manager, said, “We thought this would be a great way to raise awareness and funds for our chosen local charity, St Peter & St James Hospice. We have a lot more activities we would like to do in the upcoming months ahead, so please keep a look out for these in our store.”


Christmas cards are now for sale by mail order and in St Peter & St James shops in aid of the Hospice. Please support the Hospice by purchasing these cards for Christmas.

There is a brilliant selection of 12 Christmas card designs costing just £3 for a pack of 10. As well as this selection, there are two bespoke card designs priced at £4 for a pack of 10. The publishers of the two bespoke cards have kindly donated the original paintings, by Reg Siger, called ‘Lindfield in Snow’ and ‘Lewes in Snow’. The original paintings will be on display a few weeks before Christmas where they will be offered for sale in a Silent Auction, which everyone is invited to take part in.

People can either buy the cards from the St Peter & St James shops (except the Clearance Outlet in Burgess Hill) and in the Reception at the Hospice or by mail order through contacting moi.eaton-williams@stpeter-stjames.org.uk or 01444 01444 471598. A charge will be applied for postage.

The Hospice relies on the local community for 86% of its funding and everyone at St Peter & St James is grateful for the support and generosity.


St Peter & St James is delighted to announce that the Hospice has reached its pledged target to complete the first phase of the Big Give Christmas Challenge. The Hospice is grateful to its new Charity Champion ‘Candis’, the magazine of Candis Club, which has agreed to match this pledged amount. The Hospice would like to pass on its appreciation to everyone who pledged so far, making this possible. Donations to St Peter & St James Hospice could be doubled in the next phase of the Big Give Christmas Challenge, so everyone is encouraged to donate from 4-6 December.

St Peter & St James Hospice is pleased to announce that it has reached the target of £12,500 in pledges during the first phase of the Big Give Christmas Challenge. With thanks to pledge supporters, the Hospice has unlocked the next phase of the challenge. This next phase is where more support is needed to reach the overall target of £50,000 which would go towards community care.

From 4-6 December, the Hospice is looking for supporters to donate online at www.biggive.org.uk where the donations will be matched by the Charity Champion, ‘Candis’ and its existing pledged money. At 10am on each day the website will go live, and donations will be matched by a combination of our pledgers and ‘Candis’ over a phased period each day. Once the allocated funds have been used up, donations can no longer be matched. It is a race against the clock! The sooner a donation is made, the higher the chance of it being matched.

Sue Adams, Director of Fundraising and Marketing at St Peter & St James Hospice, said, “We are so grateful to our supporters for helping us through to the next phase. It is great news that ‘Candis’ is our Charity Champion and we’d love everyone to donate from 4-6 December where there is the opportunity of having the donation doubled.

“Money raised through the Big Give Challenge will be used to give people the care they need at the end of their life. The Big Give Christmas Challenge provides the Hospice with the means to support people, fulfilling their wish for end of life care at home. It also helps people to die without pain and with dignity in the place that they have chosen, as well as offering support to families and carers, both practically and emotionally.”

Debbie Attewell, Editor at ‘Candis’ magazine, said, “We are delighted to be supporting St Peter & St James Hospice this year in the Candis Big Give. Helping to fund specialist nursing care is a project our readers fully support – after all, it’s their subscriptions to ‘Candis’ that have enabled us to donate over £54 million to health charities to date. We hope your supporters really get behind this initiative and that it is hugely successful for the Hospice.”

If you would like to help, please visit www.biggive.org.uk at 10am on 4, 5 or 6 December to make a donation. For more information, please contact Sue Adams at sue.adams@stpeter-stjames.org.uk


St Peter & St James Hospice Charity Shops sell a huge variety of quality donated items, all of which raise considerable sums to support the Hospice. Among the fastest selling is furniture – in fact, it sells so quickly that the stocks are really in need of a boost! The Hospice Shops offer a free collection service for your unwanted furniture, including conservatory and garden items, as well as white goods.

When downsizing, moving, clearing a house or just updating your furniture, please think of St Peter & St James and donate your unwanted items, avoid landfill and let the Hospice Shops find good new homes for your pre-loved furniture. Sofas, three-piece suites, coffee tables, standard lamps, dining tables with chairs, kitchen tables, sideboards, dressers, bookcases, desks, beds, wardrobes, bedroom furniture, fridges and freezers are all wanted. Soft furnishings, unless vintage or antique, will need to meet fire safety regulations with appropriate labelling. Electrical goods need to be in good condition and working order.

Thérèse Wilson, Head of Retail for St Peter & St James Hospice, said, “With our dedicated superb furniture shops in Lewes and Lindfield, as well as our smaller outlets that sell furniture, we have an astounding opportunity to really increase funds for the Hospice – we just need more furniture!”

If you would like to support St Peter & St James Hospice through the donation of furniture and white goods, please call the donation line on 01444 470205.

Tuesday 4th November 2014 – Professional Services Group – 17.45 for 18:00 prompt start – 19.45

Venue: United Services Club. Wivelsfield Road, Haywards Heath.Cost:  £5 for HHDBA members, £10 for non-members but FREE to first-time guests AND the member who brings them along!(a light buffet included and very attractive bar prices)

Please use the form below to book. This is a ticket only event. 

To find out more call Stephen Hillier on 0783 020 0722.

Click HERE to book.

Wednesday 8th October 2014 – How to… Skills: Darren Stone, Mayo Wynne Baxter: Controlling your cash

Venue: Orange Square. The Broadway. Haywards Heath.

Price: HHDBA members £10. Non members £15. This includes a drink and a full English breakfast.

Please click HERE to book. This is a ticket only event.

Tuesday 11th November 2014 – Networking Drinks 17.45 – 19.30

Venue: Idlewild, The Broadway, Haywards Heath.

Cost: free to members and non members

Please click HERE to register.

Thursday 20th November 2014 – AGM and Question Time – 18:00 – 20:00

Venue: Haywards Heath Golf Club, High Beech Lane, Haywards Heath, RH16 1SL.

Price: Free.

Please click HERE to register.

Thursday 27th November 2014 – Expert Seminar: Mike Knivett, Artemis Internet Marketing: The truth about search engine optimisation

Venue: Cafe Rouge. The Broadway. Haywards Heath.

Price: HHDBA members £12. Non members £17. This includes a meal and drink. Download the menu HERE

Please click HERE to book. This is a ticket only event.

NEW MEMBERSWelcome to our new members

We have lots of new members this month. let’s welcome them:

Nick Blythe – Paella Fella Ltd

WebsiteSend email

Malcolm Haddow – Quantuma LLP

WebsiteSend email

Nathan Davidson – Digital Davidson

WebsiteSend email

Pascal Atkins – Bluelite Graphics

WebsiteSend email

Nicholas Sheppard – OptaNet

WebsiteSend email



There is never a dull moment at Cullen Scholefield as we are constantly changing and moving forwards.

We’ve welcomed two new staff members in the last couple of months. Toni Ross and John Joyce have joined our sales team and have been thrown in at the deep end. They’re swimming well and we have high hopes for them!

Also, Eleanor is now leaving us to start her career in publishing and while we’re sad she will be going, we’re excited about the next step for her and for the team at Cullen Scholefield. She said: “I know that without Cullen Scholefield I wouldn’t have the experience and the confidence that I have now, so I would like to thank Maureen and the team for giving me a great start in the working world.”

So in the near future Cullen Scholefield’s doors will be opening and welcoming individuals with a key skill set… Just a little hint – savvy social media users will enticed through the door with cookies…


It’s Movember season again, but prostate cancer is a problem for dogs as well as humans

Last November, writes Julia Mewes, I was very proud of my brother-in-law when he grew a (truly repulsive) moustache as part of the Movember campaign. As it was prostate cancer that unfortunately took my Dad, I was proud to be a ‘Mo Sister’ and help him raise funds for the campaign.

So, in support of all this year’s Mo Bros and Mo Sisters, the vets at The Mewes Vets are offering a special price on a male dog prostate check. Make an appointment, and bring in a urine sample. We will do a rectal check and analyse the urine sample for just £10 , usual price £28 in the month of November only.

Plus, remember to enter our photo competition as the deadline is coming up: Friday 14th November. Send us your snap of your pet in a funny, cute or weird pose, and our judges may make your pet Mr February or Miss July in our 2015 calendar ! There are 12 prizes, with the overall winner taking home £100 worth of pet food!

Forward your photo to enquiries@themewes.co.uk or post it onto our Facebook page to enter, and don’t forget to go to www.rogerswildliferescue.co.uk to make a donation to Rogers Wildlife Rescue, so that they can keep up their work caring for hundreds of injured creatures every year.


Digital Davidson have launched an enticing competition, the prize being one free WordPress website build.

Find out more about this competition http://www.digitaldavidson.co.uk/one-free-wordpress-website/.

In addition any website development projects signed off within the eight weeks the competition is open, will be discounted by 15%.

This competition and special offer have been launched as part of our second birthday celebrations http://www.digitaldavidson.co.uk/landmark-approaching-digital-davidson/ Terms and conditions apply.

If you’d like to discuss your application or any other projects then please do contact us for a free consultation http://www.digitaldavidson.co.uk/free-consultation-service/



From 20 December 2014 and throughout next year journeys to or from London will change as our work to improve the railway continues. These changes include: 

  • 20 December 2014 to 4 January 2015
    • No Southern or Thameslink trains will stop at London Bridge
    • There will also be changes to other services, including Southern and Gatwick Express services to Victoria, London Overground and London Underground services
  • 22 to 24 December
    • During the morning peak, some trains to Charing Cross will not call at London Bridge
  • 5 January 2015 to January  2018
    • No Bedford to Brighton Thameslink trains will call at London Bridge station
    • A service will run every 30mins between Brighton and London Bridge in the off-peak until approx 20.00hrs and a very limited service will run at  peak times
  • 12 January 2015 to August 2016
    • Southeastern trains to Charing Cross will not stop at London Bridge for 20 months
    • Some Southeastern stations will have all trains diverted to Cannon Street, with no trains calling at Charing Cross or Waterloo East

Please encourage your staff and visitors to plan ahead and find out how their journeys will be affected by checking our service information page.

There are alternative routes into London
The impacts on journeys will depend on the particular services passengers currently use. Some passengers will be required to make a different journey choice from their home station, to change onto a different National Rail service outside London or as a last resort use London Underground or buses to reach their destination.

There are different arrangements for rail tickets in place for December and January. For more detailed information please visit our website.

We are strongly advising passengers to follow our travel advice to avoid crowding and possible delays or being charged extra.

Timetables and travel advice are available from train operator’s website:

How your staff and visitors can stay updated
We will be working with train operators to ensure passengers have information about these changes but there are various ways you can help your staff and visitors plan, including:

  • Making the information available through your internal communications channels
  • Encouraging staff to sign up for passenger email or SMS alerts at ThameslinkProgramme.co.uk and follow us on Twitter @TLProgramme
  • If your business is affected, update the ‘find us’ section on your website

If you have any questions about the Thameslink Programme or how you can prepare your business for these changes please contact us at contact@thameslinkprogramme.co.uk

Summary of ticket acceptance

From 20 December to 4 January valid National Rail tickets will be accepted on certain routes on London Overground, Thameslink, Southern, Southeastern, South West Trains, London Underground, Tramlink, DLR and London Buses.

Passengers with valid National Rail tickets travelling on recommended routes will be able to enter and exit the network at the following Underground stations only:  West Hampstead, Kentish Town, King’s Cross St Pancras, Farringdon, Blackfriars, Elephant and Castle, Southwark, Borough, London Bridge, Bank / Monument, Cannon Street, Canada Water, Victoria, Waterloo, Embankment, Charing Cross, Whitechapel, Balham and Wimbledon.

Tickets will need to be shown to staff at ticket barriers.

From January 2015 onwards passengers are advised to use National Rail services as much as possible by changing the train they would usually catch or interchanging en-route.  If passengers are unable to complete their journey, valid National Rail tickets will be accepted on certain underground and bus routes to allow passengers to reach their intended rail destination.

National Rail tickets will not be valid other than where stated. If passengers try to use other routes, they will be charged.

Please visit the travel advice page for more information.



The Agents’ Summary of Business Conditions has been published on the Bank’s external website. If you would like to access this report please do so by clicking HERE.