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Planning 4 Profit : Understanding your customers and developing a strategy to achieve your goals 1st April 2014 07.30 – 09.30

Are you serious about growing your business?

The road to growing a business is littered with challenges and has many questions to which answers need to be found – “Where do I want to go”, “which new product and/or service should I develop”, “how much money is this going to cost me”, “do I have the right team”, “will it generate the sales I want”, “what are the risks” and many more.

To help you answer such questions and develop a plan which has a better chance of success we have developed the Planning 4 Growth programme. It consists of 2 seminars (1 April 2014 and tba) during which best practise business models will be introduced. A template Business Action Plan will facilitate the application to your business. The end result, a practical plan you can implement straight away.

Research confirms that those businesses which develop a business plan are significantly more successful than those that don’t. Make sure you are part of the first group!

The Planning 4 Growth programme is delivered by René Moolenaar, Director of Prism Group – the Strategy, Accountancy and Marketing specialist – and Tutorial Fellow at the Business, Management and Economics School of the University of Sussex.

The HHDBA will help You and Your Business grow

Venue: Orange Square. The Broadway. Haywards Heath.

Price: HHDBA members £10. Non members £15. This includes a drink and a full English breakfast.