HHDBA ConferenceIt’s only one more week to go to the first HHDBA Conference at Clair Hall, Haywards Heath on Friday 7th march.

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We’re also featured in this month’s MID SUSSEX HANDBOOK.  A big thank you to Sharon and Phil Scott for the support they give HHDBA.

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4th March, 09:00 to 13:00, K2 Crawley

This free event is your opportunity to learn about innovative low carbon technologies being developed by local businesses.

Event Programme:

Local Low Carbon Innovators
We’ll hear from three local businesses who have recently launched new energy-saving products, including an energy storage system, weather sensitive heating controls and a device that uses excess electricity from solar PV to heat water.

Case Study: Crawley Borough Council
The Facilities Managers at Crawley Borough Council and Freedom Leisure, who operate the K2 Leisure Centre, will share their reasons behind and experiences installing solar PV at the Town Hall and a combined heat and power unit at the leisure centre.

UK Energy Policy Update
Terry McGivern, Head of Industry Engagement at the Institute for Sustainability, will provide an insight into UK energy policy, as well as details of the Institute’s ‘dragons’ den’ style competition with Sainsbury’s and the Better Building Partnership in which SMEs have the chance to pitch their energy efficiency ideas to potential buyers.

Low Carbon Finance
A look at the different ways to raise finance for low carbon product development or energy efficiency project installations, including details about the government’s £10 million Energy Entrepreneurs Fund.

Meet like-minded businesses interested in energy efficiency over refreshments and a sandwich lunch.

Bookings & Information:

This event is free of charge to attend thanks to the ERDF part-funded RE:Start Local programme.* Places are limited however, so booking is essential.

Please contact Jo Southernwood on 07807 588887 or jo@sustainablebusiness.org.uk.

Further details can be found on our website

This event is part of the RE:Start Local programme and is being held in partnership with Crawley Borough Council.

What is RE:Start Local?

RE:Start Local offers free* events and one-to-one support to businesses working in the construction, energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors to help them access new technologies and opportunities.

RE:Start Local is free thanks to part-funding from the European Regional Development Fund. The project is led by the Institute for Sustainability with services in Sussex delivered by the Sustainable Business Partnership CIC.

Full programme details and eligibility criteria

Who are the Sustainable Business Partnership CIC?

We are a not-for-profit company that work with businesses to help them improve energy efficiency and environmental performance, as well as those working in the sector to promote the industry. Find out more


The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) has awarded the prestigious ‘Chartered Financial Planners’ title to Juno Wealth Management, one of the leading providers of financial advice, based in Sussex. Only the UK’s premier financial planning firms qualify for Chartered status.

Chartered status is an exclusive title only awarded to firms which meet rigorous criteria relating to professionalism and capability. All Chartered Financial Planners commit to the CII’s Code of Ethics, reinforcing the highest standards of professional practice in their business dealings.

When you use a Chartered firm you are dealing with proven professionals. The CII is empowered by the Privy Council to award Chartered status, and the award is only made in deserving cases. And, while Chartered titles are steeped in history, they remain the benchmark of professional excellence and integrity.

Tracey Evans, based in Bolney, near Haywards Heath is the joint business owner and principle adviser at Juno Wealth Management. She also holds the individual Chartered Financial Planner title. Tracey says that securing Chartered Financial Planners status is a landmark for her company: “We have always prided ourselves on being thoroughly professional in everything we do, and to receive external recognition in this way is very gratifying. As Chartered Financial Planners, we can signal our commitment to the highest levels of service to our clients.”

Juno Wealth Management specialises in providing advice on all types of investment and life assurance for individuals and businesses, serving Sussex and Surrey.

Contact us on 01444 237820 or email info@junowealth.co.uk

Visit our website and engage with us via our social media accounts www.junowealth.co.uk


At the forefront of the financial services industry and having won ‘Sesame Firm of the Year’ last year, Mike Oliver attended Sesame Bankhall Group (SBG) Symposium and Awards Ceremony to congratulate this year’s worthy winners. Mike Oliver Associates (MOA) is an appointed representative of Sesame Ltd, longest established financial services network in the UK.  At the dinner Mike shared a table with Zurich CEO Gary Shaunhessey, Partnership CEO Steve Groves and new SBG Chairman John Cowan accompanied by Dulcie Brookfield, MOA Ops and & BDM.

Kate Silverton hosted the day’s extensive format, with industry providers holding specially prepared adviser forums. ‘The Edge’ inspirational speakers Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Olympic Gold Winner Katherine Grainger provided fascinating personal insight.

“Sesame Bankhall Group is a big beast in the financial services world – it is the market leader – it operates in the world of wealth management, mortgages, investments, valuations – we even run our own school to develop the next generation of advisers.”

“For me an adviser client value proposition should all be about the advice services on offer and all the research tells us that is what clients want. Some clients will need full range advice whilst others require much less.”

“There is a huge and urgent task of delivering advice to the UK population, it doesn’t really matter what the label says. Believe this. We want to help you deliver it.”

SBG Chairman John Cowan.

PERSONAL FINANCIAL REMINDER: ISA season is upon us!  ISAs are tax-efficient way of saving without incurring income or capital gains taxes on the proceeds.  If you have an ISA have you checked it’s performance lately?

For more information as to how we can work with you to make your dreams a reality call us on 01444 449222


Cleartime Business Support is delighted to become part of the HHDBA community and is celebrating its first birthday in April 2014. Since the organisation started, owner Samantha Payne has seen rapid growth and demand for its services.

“The development of technology and an acceptance of virtual based support has fuelled today’s growth” explained Samantha.

“Companies are looking forward with optimism but are still unsure of committing to additional employee numbers and outsourcing is a flexible way of managing increased workloads and introducing new areas of expertise to an organisation’s portfolio.”

“We’re delighted to be recruiting in our second year to prepare for even stronger growth through 2014.”

Cleartime provides marketing planning services including online and offline marketing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses across the South East.

“Organisations often recognise that they need to market their services more effectively but are unsure of where to start” explains Samantha. “They also realise that online marketing is essential to future growth and want to integrate new marketing strategies with their more traditional offline methods of reaching customers.”

As part of the birthday celebrations, Cleartime is offering a complimentary marketing review meeting to the first three members of HHDBA to get in touch. To book your meeting and talk to Samantha about your current marketing activities and future objectives, contact her directly by e-mailing samantha@cleartimebusinesssupport.co.uk or calling 01444 473569. We’ll even make sure there is cake!

If you would like to keep up to date with all the latest developments feel free to follow us on twitter @cleartimenow


Vistage has been improving the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of business leaders in the UK since 1989 by bringing together successful people into private advisory groups. In a Vistage group, about a dozen executives meet once a month to discuss their challenges, evaluate opportunities and solve an assortment of strategic, operational and sometimes personal issues.

Alex Kent of Alex Kent Associates Ltd is a Vistage Chairman and facilitates two private advisory groups in the Sussex area.

At the Vistage 25 Year Conference & Awards Celebration held on 7 February at the Grosvenor House in London and attended by over 500 senior business leaders, three of Alex’s group members in the Sussex area were shortlisted for Vistage national member awards.

To find out more about how private advisory groups help businesses grow faster than their competitors, save thousands of pounds in costs, recruit the best people and handle difficult staff issues contact Alex on 07887 917657 or mail@alex-kent.co.uk


Qaboo is pleased to announce a business partnership with exciting new startup Purks. Purks is fundamentally a mobile marketing tool that enables businesses to reward their loyal customers, promote their business locally and gain a better understanding of its customers – all in one Smartphone App!

Qaboo is partnering with PURKS as they both have a common goal, which is to help local businesses prosper by giving them greater exposure to prospective customers.

What’s more, as part of this new partnership, Qaboo has secured FREE lifetime Purks subscriptions to any interested HHDBA members – saving new nearly £240 a year!

So, if your business is driven by customer frequency then visit www.givepurks.com/promo-code and use this promotional code ‘HHDBAfree’

More details on PURKS can be found at www.givepurks.com.


When:  Join us on Thursday 6th March 2014, either for brunch between 10:00am and 12:00pm, or for afternoon tea between 1:00pm and 3:00pm.

What:  A showcase of our recent investment in the latest enclosing technology. AM&M are proud to present the largest DS 1200 enclosing machine in the UK, yes it is bigger than the one owned by Tesco! Come along and see a 20 minute presentation on the new machine at 11:00am and 2:00pm.

Why: The DS 1200 has revolutionised how AM&M processes work. It offers fast job set up and rapid processing and can handle a wide variety of inserts. The sophisticated controls ensure accurate mail processing and document integrity, putting us as at the forefront of enclosing technology.

Where:  The Penny Black, Marchants Way, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 8QY

How:  If you would like to attend, please call Caroline Fagan on 01444 460300 or email Caroline.Fagan@accelerated-mail.co.uk confirming which session you would like to attend by the 21st February 2014


By David J Foster MBA

I have now been working on Rally Strategic for seven years and like all niche ‘solopreneur’ propositions it is constantly evolving.  Whether you’re a student, an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, I hope that you find something of interest in my candid glance at the view behind me.

The initial thought formed in 2003, as I was completing an Executive MBA at London Business School.  Through the programme I had discovered a real interest in Corporate Turnarounds, Change Management and Management Consultancy (the latter where I gained a top-of-the-class Distinction).  I was happy running a vibrant and successful Brand Experience marketing agency at the time, but the idea of combining these three new disciplines became lodged firmly in my head.

Four years later in February 2007, when due to financial challenges I decided to sell my marketing agency to a competitor, I set about bringing my idea to life.

Following in the footsteps of my role model, Charles Handy, I was interested in developing a portfolio of roles that would support one another cognitively, act as a natural financial hedge and also allow me to investigate new directions… a micro version of Beinhocker’s parallelism strategy.  The core strand of this strategy was to be a consulting concept that would allow me to work flexibly (locally or internationally, in a range of organisations and sectors), supported by academic and literary elements.

My initial step was simple: In between consulting assignments I would spend time researching the change management field, as well as volunteering for any fee-free but relevant projects that would help push me along the experience curve.

In its initial guise Rally Strategic (named for the idea of ‘rallying stakeholders around clear, strategic goals’) was exclusively focused on turnaround for small businesses, to the extent that I turned away anything that wasn’t relevant, including lucrative marketing work.  This is the very essence of laudable focus, but in hindsight I could offer you a series of great reasons why it’s a really suboptimal approach!

From the start and even as the recession developed, turnaround opportunities were very rare and I inevitably ended up working with business owners and senior managers more in the role of business consultant.  Whilst this was interesting, the market was saturated with small business consultants and it was hard to see how I might gain differentiation and sustain a viable market share.  I came to realise that whilst small businesses had a clear need and could benefit from external input, they tended to have little available budget and often sought help too late.  However, I seemed to manage to get plenty of short, interesting, experience-building projects, even if some were fee-free!

Through my projects, a more defensible idea occurred to me that seemed applicable to larger organisations and small businesses.

I had frequently heard clients talk about consultants dragging out the timescales of their projects and putting their own income ahead of the client’s needs.  This conflict of interest is a common challenge faced not just by consultants, but all manner of professionals including lawyers, architects, osteopaths, personal trainers, counsellors etc.  It’s ‘the longer I’m here to help my client, the more fees I earn’ mentality.

I believe that good business professionals need to find a balance that gets the job completed while the client is ahead, but I have noticed that some accomplished management consultants and change managers seem to make themselves indispensable for months, to my mind ‘siphoning’ not just cash but also ideas from their client.

Based on my experience in marketing, where my specialty for more than ten years had been huge consumer-brand projects involving hundreds of staff but conducted over just a few days, my sense was that there was space for a faster, more focused and client-friendly approach.  This later developed into the Rally Methodology, but whilst this idea was gestating I managed to get the academic strand of my portfolio off the ground.

Through a networking contact I got an opportunity to run two back-to-back one-day workshops for Durham Business School, based on a networking methodology that I had designed.  Unfortunately, in the first workshop (my first ever) I managed to pitch the core ideas over the heads of the MBA students and found myself fighting for control for the rest of the day, with both the students and an unhappy client.  I stayed up overnight to re-work the material and was rewarded with a far more successful second day, using a less over-engineered programme and a more facilitative teaching style.  This was a painful but very useful learning experience!

I then started volunteering for Brighton Business School as a judge in their Dragon’s Den events.  Over the course of a few years this has led onto being asked to design some short teaching sessions on subjects that interested me, such as creativity and the development of high performance teams.  More recently I helped design and deliver a new module called Creativity in Enterprise which, with over 100 students, is now reaching the end of its first year.

Alongside this some old marketing colleagues of mine, who had started an Event Management training company called Terbell, asked if I would rework the Exhibition Management module for their evening diploma course.  I jumped at the chance and found the students really open to my ideas and evolving teaching style.

Having taught this module a few times and based on my interest and commercial experience, I was asked to design various additional modules for their new full-time PostGrad Diploma.  Being innovative we sought to push the students’ boundaries and I have taught Exhibition Management, Brand Experience Marketing and Team Dynamics (my real area of passion, which included my networking methodology) for two years, with great feedback.

More recently another opportunity came up to work as a Teacher’s Assistant (commonly called a Tutor elsewhere) for an old LBS classmate who is a lecturer at UCL.  This has affording me a really useful perspective on more formal degree and masters’ modules on subjects such as entrepreneurialism, marketing and strategy, whilst also forcing me to do the fascinating (but hard graft) work associated with marking student papers.  As a direct result of this work I am now studying for a Fellowship in Higher Education.

The insights gained from consulting and lecturing, as well as from running my previous marketing businesses, has fed nicely into the very simple change management idea behind the Rally Methodology.

Organisations, by the very act of becoming efficient at what they do, stop looking for more effective patterns of work, or more innovative business models.  Time becomes the scarce resource and whilst management may be vaguely aware of inefficiency or stakeholder (especially employee) frustrations, they prioritise more urgent agenda items.  Periodically senior management will seek to shake things up with a new CEO, a new strategy, a merger or acquisition, some new technology etc, but this top-down initiative will typically have a suboptimal outcome: most especially in levels of employee engagement and profitability.

Rather than forcing employees into a new way of working, the Rally Methodology seeks to help the organisation understand its capabilities and teach managers and employees new, more productive ways of working together.  This builds unique internal capabilities and all-important self-belief, helping the team to drive the necessary changes from the inside.  Because it focuses on engaging and empowering the employees rather than just changing the way they work, it also allows the organisation to deal with inevitable future change in a more deliberate and productive way.

Crucially, it seeks to do this without allowing the consultant to become a prop on which the organisation relies and thus typical projects last days rather than months… an attribute which is also useful from a portfolio career perspective.  In fact, coached executives and smaller fee-free clients have been shown how to apply these approaches themselves, to good effect, without the need for an external at all.

I present this to you not as a wild success story, but as a slowly evolving work of passion, like Malcolm Gladwell’s mountain path towards excellence: steep and rocky with plenty of twists, turns and opportunities to fall over.  No guarantee of success, but with an amazing and constantly evolving view.

You may not be considering a portfolio career, but whether you’re a student, entrepreneur or seasoned business owner, I encourage you to create the diary space to think about your own skills, experience and passions, as well as those of the team around you, and to develop longer-term goals and strategies that will allow you to become progressively more fascinated with the work that you do over time.


‘Award winning restaurant in an award winning garden’

Winners of the Sussex Food & Drink Awards 2013/14 were announced at a spectacular awards ceremony on Thursday 30th January at the Amex Stadium in Brighton.

Jeremy’s Restaurant, nestled within the heart of the Borde Hill Estate on the outskirts of Haywards Heath, won the Award’s Best Eating Experience accolade, a category sponsored by Mayo Wynne Baxter.

A delighted chef proprietor, Jeremy Ashpool, along with his wife Vera, head chef Jimmy Gray (last year’s Sussex Young Chef of the Year 2012/13) went forward to accept the prize. “We’re over the moon,” commented Jeremy, “We’ve been cooking a long time in Sussex and we have run five different businesses in the area over 40 years, so we are the grand daddies of the restaurant scene.”

Why not combine a visit to wonderful Borde Hill Garden with a lunch or dinner at Jeremy’s Restaurant? Furthermore Borde Hill House is the ideal place for that special business meeting or conference in an Elizabethan splendour.

Borde Hill Garden, past winner of the HHA/Christies Award and S E Tourism Award is open 22 March -2 Nov and has an exciting events program throughout the opening season from garden fairs, children events, musical Sundays,  outdoor theatre and outdoor cinema.

For more details please visit our websites: www.bordehill.co.uk (01444 450326) & www.jeremysrestaurant.co.uk  (01444 441102)


This just in…. an article by Maureen Scholefield, chair of HHDBA, in the Mid Sussex Times…..

Tuesday 4th March – Professional Services Group 17:45 – 19:45

Venue: United Services Club. Wivelsfield Road, Haywards Heath.

Cost:  £5 for HHDBA members, £10 for non-members but FREE to first-time guests AND the member who brings them along! (a light buffet included and very attractive bar prices)

To find out more call Stephen Hillier on 0783 020 0722.

Click HERE to book. This is a ticket only event.

Friday 7th March – The HHDBA Conference 08:30 – 13:00

Venue: Clair Hall, Haywards Heath.

Cost:  £25 for HHDBA members, £35 for non-members

Click HERE to book. This is a ticket only event.

Tuesday 11th March Tuesday 11th February 2014 – Networking Drinks 17:45 – 19:30

Venue: Idlewild, The Broadway, Haywards Heath

Cost: Free

Please click HERE to register.

Tuesday 18th March 2014 – Planning 4 Profit : Developing a strategy to achieve your goals 07:30 -09:30

Venue: Orange Square. The Broadway. Haywards Heath.

Price: HHDBA members £10. Non members £15. This includes a drink and a full English breakfast.

Please click HERE to book. This is a ticket only event.

NEW MEMBERSWelcome to our new members

Please welcome our new members:

Annie Streeter & Jane Cowans – NFU Mutual Insurance Society Ltd

WebsiteSend email

Samantha Payne – Cleartime Business Support 

Send email



The pink lady is at it again!  Esther Featherstone, a local Zumba fitness instructor and HHDBA member is taking a 6 hour Zumbathon at Clair Hall in Haywards Heath on Sunday 16th March 2014 at 2pm.

Participants can sign up to shimmy for two, four or the whole six hours!  All money raised will go to this years Lindfield Arts Festival taking place over the weekend of the 12th – 14th September 2014.

The festival which is now a registered charity relies heavily on fundraising and what a better way to support your local village by taking part in this fantastic event.

For more information on the festival please visit www.lindfieldartsfestival.com.  To download your Zumbathon entry form please visit www.estherise.co.uk.


You may be aware of the  flood support package announcement recently made by the Prime Minister – this includes the £10 million business support scheme. Feel free to share this information and the following links with contacts who could benefit from the support scheme.

Please Note: There is an error on Page 24, for clarification it is Surrey – Waverley (not Waveney)

Please Note: There is a new 0300 number for the Business Support Helpline: 0300 456 3565, this is a freephone number.

The guidance is HERE.

News story is HERE



Haywards Heath Lions Club is looking for a sponsor or sponsors for their major annual fundraiser, the Swimarathon.  Let me explain.

Every year on Good Friday, HH Lions Club organises a Swimarathon in aid of local charities and good causes.  This event is held at the Dolphin Leisure Centre and this year is our 31st annual event. How does it work? Those who take part nominate their chosen charity of which 50% of what they raise goes to them and 50% goes to the Lions chosen charity, which last year was the Kent Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance Night Flying Appeal.  Last year the Lions raised just over £14000 of which nearly £8000 went to KSSAA.

This year our chosen charity is Canine Partners. http://caninepartners.co.uk

Canine Partners train assistance dogs to help people with disability in their everyday lives. Canine Partners also train dogs for Help the Heroes Charity. If we can raise as much as we did last year and give them £6-8k then that will help three people to change their lives, locally.  But this isn’t about that so much as raising sponsorship for the pool itself.  The cost of the pool comes out of the money we raise so we look for a sponsors or sponsors so that all the money raised goes to the Lions good cause.  Some years we’re successful but mostly not.  So this year, as this is such a worthwhile charity, we’d like to give all the money raised, to them.

In 2012, my wife Hazel contracted a disease called Transverse Myelitis which paralysed her from the waist down and she may have ended up in a wheel chair if she hadn’t been so strong in herself.  The first video in this link http://caninepartners.co.uk/canine-videos refers to this disease and for that alone I personally support this charity and why, as president of the HH Lions Club this year, I wanted it chosen. I urge you to watch it.

The cost of the pool hire is £750.  What can we do about promoting the sponsor or sponsors?  Certainly the name or names  of sponsors will be displayed on the day but primarily their names and/or logos will go on a banner or two around the town but most definitely on display at the Dolphin weeks before the event happens. If there is a single sponsor then the  logo and any strap line you want will be displayed.  People may not know your company and it may not generate any immediate business but it would give credibility to your CSR programme to support such a charity.

So, if you are interested in using this opportunity to promote your company or if you would like to raise a team or  two to take part them please contact me, Peter Parr, on 01444 482009 and I will pass all detains on to the organiser.


The Vivace! Choir (www.vivacechoirsussex.org.uk) will be giving a Concert in St. Wilfrid’s Church on Saturday April 26th at 7.30 in the evening to raise funds for The Yews Centre (www.theyewscentre.org.uk).

It is a small choir of about 25 singers who perform for charities mostly around Sussex.   All their concerts feature a wide range of music from songs in the style of modern-day composers and artists such as Joni Mitchell and the Puppini Sisters to traditional songs such as Scarborough Fair and Teddy Bears’ Picnic, plus a sprinkling ofandel and ozart along the way.   o Handel and Mozart along the way.   The programme aims to contain something to suit all tastes.  Come along for a relaxing evening supporting a good cause.

Tickets cost £8.00 in advance or £10.00 at the door and are available from The Yews (on the corner of Muster Green and Boltro Road, weekdays between 0900-1200 hrs), Carousel Music in Commercial Square (from March 24th) or on-line at www.haywardsheathlive.org.uk.


One of the biggest business membership and support groups in Sussex is seeking a new chief.

Sussex Enterprise, which has 1,000 members, is looking for an inspirational CEO to steer it through one of the busiest chapters in its history.

Last year, the organisation, which is the only accredited chamber of commerce in Sussex, reported a significant upswing in companies seeking its advice on foreign markets, resulting in 13,000 export documents being issued – double that of 2012. It also increased the number of training courses held to 108 and introduced new networking events under its Inspirational Leadership banner.

Chairman Nick Handley said 2014 was shaping up to be even busier as Sussex Enterprise expanded its services in line with forecast growth in the economy.

“2014 sees one of the busiest schedules ever planned for our members that will help give them the competitive edge they need in a growing economy,

““The appointment of the CEO is critical as we look to provide a greater range of benefits and services to existing members and recruit new ones.”

He said the new CEO needed to be an expert networker who can communicate the benefits of Sussex Enterprise to a wider audience and encourage more individuals and organisations to work together to the benefit of its member businesses and the wider Sussex economy.

For further information about this position contact VTaylor@csgconsult.com or visit this link www.sussexenterprise.co.uk/vacancies

Media enquiries: Susan Fleet, Lea Graham Associates – 01444 235475


The Vets at The Mewes have been extra busy recently caring for a group of homeless chihuahuas. See http://www.midsussextimes.co.uk/news/middy-pets/appeal-for-homes-after-21-chihuahuas-are-rescued-1-5887640.

We are also launching a ‘Fun Feline Photo Competition’ to be judged by our new Vet Mialee Blair. For your chance to win £100 of cat food email your cat snaps together with your name and your pets’ names to enquiries@themewes.co.uk . For more information see http://www.themewesvets.co.uk/events_129572.html

Haywards Heath Valentine’s Day walk

Haywards Heath vet, Julia Mewes, hosted a Valentine’s Day dog walk on Saturday 15th February, especially for singles and their dogs.

The walk, organised by The Mewes Veterinary Clinic, invited single people to meet at the Wheatsheaf pub in Cuckfield and take their dogs for a walk around the local countryside.

Despite the blustering wind and cold sharp showers, the 12 strong group set off to walk along their planned route.

Shortly after, the weather cleared, the sun came out and everybody started to enjoy the blue skies – even the dogs.

Practice principal, Julia Mewes said, “We wanted to create a fun way for singles who own dogs to meet each other in a relaxed, unpressured way, along with their beloved pets.

“I was thrilled with the turn out considering the weather, but once the skies cleared I had a great time and so did everybody else.

“The dogs also loved the blue bandanas I gave them to wear around their necks as they chased each other around the fields and leapt over streams and puddles.”

After the walk, The Mewes Veterinary Clinic invited everybody back to the Wheatsheaf pub for a relaxed coffee and homemade Valentine’s cupcakes, on them.

Ron Edwards joined the walk with his Springer Spaniel called Badger.

He said, “I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everybody and I would definitely do it again. Badger is still single but will be chasing up a few leads.”

Julia added, “I would just like to thank everybody who came and made it such an enjoyable morning.

“I would also like to thank Nic and his team at the Wheatsheaf pub for coping with 12 dogs literally covered in mud.”

The Mewes Veterinary Clinic has been established in Haywards Heath for 17 years.

Julia says, “We’re passionate about providing the best for every pet that comes through our door.

“The walk was also a great opportunity to meet pet owners and take the time to get to know them personally.

“Even if they didn’t find love, the Valentine’s walk was a fun way to spend a Saturday morning – I had lots of fun.”

The Mewes Veterinary Clinic is an independent practice based at 4 Haywards Road and Julia is well known in the area for her friendly face and skills as a veterinary surgeon.

For more information on the the Mewes Veterinary Clinic’s Valentine’s Day walk, or the team visit their facebook pagewww.facebook.com/themewesvets orwww.themewesvets.co.uk. Alternatively you can ring 01444 456886.



The Agents’ Summary of Business Conditions has been published on the Bank’s external website. If you would like to access this report please do so by clicking HERE.

The Overview of the February (2014) Inflation Report has been published on the Bank’s external website. If you would like to access this report, please click HERE.