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Marketing Theory & Practice: Make things people want or make people want things? 23rd January 2014 18.00 – 20.00

This evening presentation by experienced marketer and HHDBA member Neil Tomlinson is broadly based around a provocative challenge to the theory versus the practise in respect of the traditional marketing perspective of ‘how to do things’.

Marketing is defined as the management process responsible for identifying and satisfying customer needs profitably. Neil presents a light hearted interactive challenge to the theory versus practise of marketing to customers, and prospective customers, using some well known and perhaps less well known examples from both product and services marketing. All are welcome and learning is the objective. As Neil says, “there is no single template, so come with an open mind”.

Venue: Café Rouge, The Broadway, Haywards Heath.

Cost:  £12 for HHDBA members, £17 for non-members. This includes a meal and drink.