An amazing opportunity has arisen for you local Sussex business people. Believe me, it will be worth it. Commitment to this 2014 HHDBA Conference will mean contributing where you can with your expertise, your time, energy and enthusiasm. Doing your own thing is acceptable as an entrepreneur but how much more beneficial would it be to learn and share with others in the county? Every minute of the Conference Agenda will be informative, interesting and fun!ABC HHDBA Conference 2014

For you to be one of our specialist presenters you just need to brief us on your topic and give us an outcome. Good expertise and sense will prevail and we will discourage personal marketing. However, how often do you get the chance to share your knowledge with others?

Involvement in the Conference is not just for presenters and key note speakers, it is also for the business community to benefit from. Knowledge to be shared, retained and to encourage best practice. Liken this to a training day to further develop yourself and your team.

Make an effort and diary this event for 7th March 2014 at Clair Hall. Haywards Heath when you will be part of a unique event. Nothing else will be quite as rewarding as supporting your local Business Association and positioning yourself with like-minded and resourceful delegates.

Obviously we will be marketing this event and if you are one of our sponsors, key note speakers or presenters, your profile will be highlighted to all the local business organisations and networks. Personally, I think that this is an amazing opportunity for Haywards Heath to showcase its business community and show the county how we can continue to run sustainable businesses.

Questions might well be asked on how we are going to manage the event and what marketing will be carried out so that HHDBA can attract sponsors and delegates. Realistically there will be an online marketing campaign aligned with media coverage and distribution of flyers around the county at member meetings to promote the Conference. Since we only have a short time-frame to do this, expect to see us on Twitter, Facebook and on the blog; therefore any comments, shares and likes you can give us will help with spreading the word and increasing media coverage.

Take the conference aims and consider how attending this event will help you. Upskill your team and gain inspiration from others you meet and network with. Very competent and effective presenters will inspire and educate us all. We learn from others and what better event than a local Conference to gain first hand experience. Xperts will share their knowledge and tools and let you take away learning points that will aid your sustainable business growth.

You must not miss this opportunity to be part of a unique Conference and to support the HHDBA community. Zero attendance is not an option, you need to be part of the action so get in touch and let us know what you want to do.

This article has been submitted as part of the ABC Challenge  blog writing competition.

Develop Team – Haywards Heath & District Business Association

photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc

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