Gatwick Second Runway Campaigning Website

Business Organisations in the area (including HHDBA) have got together to set up a campaigning website supporting the second runway at Gatwick, so that the business voice is heard. The website is now launched we all need to start promoting it and seeking business sign ups.  After only a few days almost 800 people have looked at the website despite nil publicity.    We have a very tight timescale for the first stage of the campaign.  

We have to get a letter to the Airports Commission by the end of September demonstrating business support for the second runway.   The Commission are considering the letters of support and making a decision in mid-October and we will hear in November whichproposals have been shortlisted.  The campaigning website will carry on through this first stage and subject to Gatwick’s proposal going to the final stage, through 2014 to mid 2015.

Please do take a minute to sign up.