Rory Indiana e.p. Launch - The Haunt, Brighton. 7pm Sat Aug 31stWe love to celebrate in the success of our members. Today we’re excited to announce that Rory Indiana and his band have produced their first EP. Rory is the son of our very own Rok School‘s Hereward Kaye.

Rory and the band will be launching the EP at a special one-off gig at The Haunt, in Brighton on the 31st August. Tickets are just £4.

Reviewers said:

“One man and his band, a big voice and a whole lot of variety. Straight up pop meets rock, with some reggae flares thrown in for good measure” – SoRo Live.

“Rory Indiana throws out an eclectic mix of grunge riffs, quirky beats, trip-hop middle eights and Terence Trent D’Arby vocal strains… ‘Down With The Cavalry would cut a step in Any Radio 1 Show. There is little doubt that Rory Indiana will ‘make it'”. – Will, Band Profiles.

Meanwhile, respected Radio 6 D.J. Tom Robinson (John Peel’s son) has flagged up the e.p. launch gig on his Twitter page.