member update

We were delighted to welcome 50 members to the Election of Officers meeting on 30th April.  Thank you to the Birch Hotel for hosting the event.

HHDBA's Vision for 2013Maureen Scholefield gave an update on the achievements of HHDBA in the last year.  She said that her vision for HHDBA was to GROW.

That is to

  • Grow the members
  • Grow members’ businesses
  • Grow the business we do with other members

Growing HHDBAShe announced the start of a Grow Think Tank and even produced a Grow Bag to make the point!  A number of members have agreed to take part in this think tank – a date will be set for June. Please let Sue know if you are interested in participating.

Officers 2013Mike Oliver gave an update on the Bike Ride – a summary is available here.

We were sad to say goodbye to Ruth de Mierre, Lyndsey Ratcliffe and Rene Moolenaar from the Committee. Maureen thanked them for all their hard work and a bottle of Ridgeview was given as a personal thank you to Ruth, Lyndsey and Rene. The good news is that Ruth and Lyndsey will still work in the Communicate and Develop working groups. The full list of officers and committee members is available here.

 If you would like to work in the sub groups please contact Sue.  The Powerpoint explains what the groups are set up to do.

Interns, Past and Present

So watch this space – we will report on our plans for 2013 – 14 soon!