After the initial success of an internship pilot, the Haywards Heath and District Business Association is now bidding
farewell to their second successful group after just 6 weeks.

Both interns started their journey with an induction at People Consultancy Cullen Scholefield.  Rob Gordon, one of the first interns ensured that Mike and Adam were
fully briefed on their role. HHDBA interns help promote events and keep in touch with potential members as well as
learning about the world of work in their host companies. Their first placement was with two IT Firms. Mike Cogle spent his first month at South East Business Systems where he so impressed them that they recommended
him for a position with one of their clients, Warden Park School. Adam Hayhoe-Smith was placed with Weald IT who
snapped him up immediately.

Mike Cogle said “The HH&DBA internship was a great opportunity to get some work experience and gave me an opening into the working world. A lot of young people are caught in the situation where they can’t get a job due to lack of experience, but can’t get that experience in the first place. The internship provides this and much more.”


Mike Cogle, Rob Gordon and Adam Hayhoe-Smith during their induction.

“In the current economic climate finding full time employment was a struggle, however with the Haywards Heath and District Business Association’s
Intern Scheme, I was able to increase my skill set, gain valuable experience and as a direct result of one of the placements they found for me was offered a
role with Weald IT” added Adam Hayhoe-Smith.

Rob Nankervis and Rob Gordon who took part in the pilot scheme have been very successful in finding work too. This is largely due to the expert coaching
given by Lynn Tulip of Assessment4Potential. Both interns received coaching on CV writing and interview skills. Rob Nankervis of Mike Oliver Associates said “I now work at an Independent Financial Advisors as a Business Administration Assistant. The internship has been well worth taking part in, and the news that both the new interns have found jobs in just six weeks is great!”.

Rob Gordon of Prism Group added “After completing the HHDBA internship in February, the association has continued to provide me with warm, ongoing support – this has included invaluable assistance with CV writing and interview technique from Lynn Tulip. Furthermore, as direct evidence of the value of the scheme, I am now working with the Accountancy, Marketing and Management company, Prism Group!”

Hollie Dunster said “The scheme has been hugely successful so far and I’m really pleased with the difference it’s made in such a short space of time. It is a testament to the members who have been so dedicated.”

“This is an excellent example demonstrating clearly that businesses can help themselves to help others. All it requires is coordination and the will to give some time to help young people without the aid of government funding. We are lucky to have such great goodwill in the HHDBA” said the Association’s Chair Maureen Scholefield.

HHDBA is now looking for new interns to take part in the three month programme as well as host companies. Anyone interested in taking part in the scheme should contact us using the application for below.

Special thanks to: Dulcie Brookfield – Mike Oliver Associates, Lyn Tulip – Assessment4Potential, Rene Moolenaar – Prism Group, Peter Sutton – South East Business Systems, Hollie Dunster – Cullen Scholefield, Mike Oliver – Mike Oliver Associates and Mike Nelson – Weald IT

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