HHDBA Interns

Mike Cogle, Rob Gordon & Adam Heyhoe-Smith

The HHDBA Internship scheme hit the local news today.

As reported in the Mid Sussex Times, all 4 of the interns have now secured employment.

Having both started their internship at Cullen Scholefield, Adam Heyhoe-Smith spent a month at Weald IT, where he was then offered a job, and Mike Cogle spent a month at South East Business Systems, who recommended him for a job he secured at Warden Park School.

Previous inter Rob Gordon now works at The Prism Group, and Rob Nankervis now works at Mike Oliver Associates. Both had additional coaching in CV writing from Assessment4Potential.

Hollie Dunster, the Intern Coordinator said:

The scheme has been hugely successful so far and I’m really pleased with the difference it’s made in such a short space of time

We’re now looking for new interns to take part in the three-month programme as well as host companies. Anyone interested in taking part in the scheme should contact Hollie Dunster at Hdunster@csgconsult.com