HHDBA’s First Interns Ready for the Off……

First Two Interns
Interns Rob Nankervis and Rob Gordon, with HHDBA Chair Maureen Scholefield, and host Mike Oliver.

HHDBA’s first interns, Rob Nankervis and Rob Gordon, who are coming to the end of their assignment, say the scheme has made them more employable and should help to get them jobs soon.

The ‘Two Robs’ joined the Association in October 2012 for three month internships.  They’ve worked with HHDBA members, ‘People Consultancy’ Cullen Scholefield, Independent Financial Advisors, Mike Oliver Associates, and IT Service Providers South East Business Systems and Weald IT. Besides learning business basics with the companies in a carefully designed programme, they have also worked with HHDBA itself to help market the organisation.  In addition, HHDBA has provided special coaching on how to present their CVs and prepare for that all important job interview.

“Working with the HH&DBA has greatly developed my understanding of business and what it takes to get that job,” Rob Nankervis says. “It’s boosted my confidence and fortified my skills. HHDBA members have offered me abundant support during my time with them and I hope I shall be able to contribute to something that is much more than just a business.”

“It’s a big jump from University into a job – especially today,” says Rob Gordon. “But the HHDBA scheme has been great in helping me prepare for that transition and I know I’m much better prepared for the job market than I was before.”

HHDBA Chairman Maureen Scholefield comments: “I’ve always suspected that many more young people find getting that first job much more difficult that official figures suggest. This scheme has been very successful and it’s a big thank you to our members who have supported us.  I can’t wait to hear that the boys have got that all important first job!  Now we’re looking out for our next interns, as well as some more host companies.

Anyone interested in taking part in the scheme, whether as a potential intern or host company, please contact Hollie Dunster at HDunster@csgconsult.com.

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