Thursday 30th August 2012

Professional Services Group (PSG)  Tuesday, 4th September 

United Services Club 6.00 – 8.00 pm

The provision of professional services is a major business sector in Haywards Heath.  Many HHDBA members are in this sector but all face the challenge of running a business as well as providing the services.

This is what our Professional Services Group (PSG) is all about.  At each meeting, four members each bring a business problem to the meeting and through group action learning, members debate possible solutions for them to consider.

So it may be that we have an HR consultant – they offer a range of services from strategic consultancy to training and coaching.  But it’s a very competitive market and under a lot of economic pressure in a recession; question, what is the best way of marketing their services?

As the old adage says, a problem shared in a problem halved, so come with your challenge and you’ll get some expensive ‘management consultancy’ for free!  And, of course, there’s now some very productive networking as PSG members are starting to use each others’ services.