Friday 27th July 2012

 During the 26th July ‘brain feeding’ breakfast, a group of HHDBA members had the opportunity to get some fresh insights on how to get more done.  If you missed out, here are the top tips provided by Dr Alex Kent from Alex Kent Associates Ltd.
Time is a finite resource for all of us.  Therefore my suggestions go beyond simple time management – following these tips can help people live more rewarding and richer lives.
Suggestion 1: Say ‘No’
There are many demands on our time and there will be occasions when we need to say ‘no’.  In practice this can be quite hard.  However, if we don’t say ‘no’ at the appropriate time, then there is the likelihood that we will fail to deliver and therefore disappoint ourselves and others.
Suggestion 2: Negotiate
This probably does not save as much time as saying ‘no’, but is more acceptable in many situations.  What can you negotiate? – consider the following possibilities: when; what; who; how; and where.
Suggestion 3: Delegate
People don’t delegate as much as they could because they are perfectionists; don’t have the time; or don’t trust others to do the job.  When delegating don’t set unrealistic expectations, check how people are getting on and provide support if/when necessary.  Consider telling people what you want, not how to do it.
Suggestion 4: Do Less
In reality we are all doing almost everything at less than 100% as we could be spending more time on the task or job. So how perfect does it have to be?  Consider that the value of what you are doing depends on what others think, and that they may be perfectly happy with less than you think.
Suggestion 5: Improve Your Systems
This is a huge topic in itself, so let me give one example to illustrate.  Most people have at least one pile of paper somewhere – whether it is in the office or at home.  They handle each bit of paper more than once, often several times. That wastes time so the first time you pick up the piece of paper consider what you are going to do with it.  This might be acting on it, filing it or throwing it away.
For more information (or help!) contact Alex Kent: or 07887 917657